90% of the data generated in the world was generated in the past two years. Major percentage of data is generated through social media. The browsing history is also a source of data generation. This data is used to target potential customers. Similarly, different data generated in different ways is used by the business houses for their profit.

Data science is a neonate discipline which incorporates the study of structured as well as unstructured data. This is basically a field of study, born by the amalgamation of statistics, mathematics, computer science and information science. The main motto of data science is to extract meaningful and useful information from the piles of structured and unstructured data. Data Science Certification in Hyderabad, also known as data mining, requires the hardware and programming systems with the highest potential and highly systematic set of operations for performing calculations. According to ‘Harvard Business Review’ of 2012, the jobs related to Data Science are the “sexiest jobs of the 21st century”.

Data science has become an integral part of most of the businesses today. Businesses use it for profit generation through information regarding potential customers and sometimes for solving business problems by analyzing their internal business data. This transformation has caused a huge demand of data scientists and professionals trained with technical skills in addition to business knowledge. Presently, there is a considerable gap between the demand and availability of such professionals, creating a huge scope of jobs in this field. To fulfill this demand of professionals, a course structure has been designed that can be pursued by anyone holding a bachelor degree and willing to get into this career and upskill themselves.

Data Science courses include the knowledge of programming languages such as (Python, C/C++, Perl), statistics, data analysis, data visualization, data mining, big data basics, machine learning and other related topics. These courses also include case studies giving an exposure to the practical use of data science. A thorough knowledge of data analytical tools is also given along with a complete idea about the data science lifecycle. 

These courses are available on various online and offline platforms. There also are some free courses that can be well utilized to ensure if one’s interest lies in that field or not. Some well- known educational sites such as Coursera, EdX (affiliated with Harvard and MIT), Udacity, IBM and even IIT Guwahati offers certification of this course, providing live video lectures as well as recorded lectures. These skills can also be learnt through classroom programs of different institutes all across India and the world. Certification of these courses will be provided after completion of the course and assessment tests. These certificates entitle individuals to get jobs and improve their career as data scientists.

At the end of the day, it can be rightly said that Data Scientists would reign the future head-on. The current need of data scientists is around a million and is estimated to increase gradually and eventually. Best Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad is considered the future of Artificial Intelligence.  Very soon, data will be the key element that will drive business decisions. The way we see data today will be completely altered and will be analyzed on a new horizon.  Hence, a data scientist must be self-driven, highly motivated and skilled to solve highly intricate problems.

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