Recently, taxation is playing an important role in economic growth, and it has the overall control of the nation. Everyone is liable to pay the tax as long as people are considered citizens of the nation. Most people will do something to earn money and lead their life and once you start to earn income, and profit on your business, you have to give a certain percentage of your income to the government under the name of income tax.

Tax rate and percentage will differ according to the type of taxpayer and type of income. Numerous activities are involved inside the income tax procedure. Education is the key tool to learn anything deeply, and learning the income tax as a course will help you in future. Several changes and corrections will often happen in income tax law, and pursuing the course will help attain the current and deep knowledge about it. You will look at five income tax courses after graduation through this post.

Five income tax courses after graduation

1. ConsultEase Income Tax Specialist Certification Course

Everyone knows the value of the income tax courses, and no matter what graduation you have done, the high-level interest in income tax learning is enough to learn this course. This Income Tax course educates professionals with concepts and practices to help them succeed in their careers. The most significant educational gap is that practical subjects are taught by teachers who lack practical experience. The best course instructor has worked with various industries and is familiar with their specific needs.

Individuals and businesses must plan their taxes carefully. Proper tax planning requires a thorough understanding of all the provisions of the Income Tax Act, which will allow you to understand the provisions’ applicability and how they will impact the entity. This income tax certification course will provide you with In-Depth Knowledge of Income Tax Law, allowing you to further your personal and professional development. Income tax returns filing, tax planning tools and important case laws are some course content.

Major features: 

  • The course is divided into ten pre-recorded video sessions totalling approximately 20+ hours in length, in which all provisions are discussed in detail, along with real-world examples.
  • There are taxation issues on newly introduced sections about e-commerce sellers and operators, MSMEs, TDS, and TCS.
  • Participate in a live webinar with the speaker to ask questions, clarify doubts, and interact with the speaker.
  • You will receive an unlimited number of views to view at your leisure, as well as PPTs and study material.
  • You may also work as a consultant if you perform well.
  • Recordings and other resources, such as FAQs and case laws, will be available on your dashboard 24 /7.

2. Henry Harvin Income Tax Specialist Certification Course

It is one of the top income tax courses, and experts said it is a reputed name in financial courses. The taxation policies are instructed by a famous trainer who is popular on television channels and other popular media platforms. You can attain this course with 100% practical training classes, and the total duration of this course is only 32 hours.

Students can enjoy choosing the batches at their convenience, and even the working professional can learn this course because the classes are available on Saturday and Sunday for them. One more major advantage of this course is you can utilize the recorded video classes provided by the academy when you miss out on the sessions. Tax audit, I.T. appellate tribunal, assessment order and soft skill development are included in this course.

Major features and benefits:

  • This course teaches you everything you need to know about income taxes, as well as two complementary modules that will help you advance in your career, such as soft skills and resume writing.
  • This course provides hands-on experience with all income concepts, allowing you to apply them in a real-world setting.
  • After completing the course, it offers live income tax training and a one-year membership in the finance academy.
  • Job placements and opportunities are guaranteed to be 100 percent.
  • This course will assist you in internal promotion within your organization.
  • You can use the LMS (Learning Management System) to stay up to date on your knowledge, and there are free recorded sessions available.
  • Practical application of knowledge Candidates for income tax courses can apply for internships at the Institution or one of its partner firms.

3. Income Tax Certification course by TaxGuru Edu

Choosing and completing the income tax course after graduation requires more attention and concentration to apply for the course in the right place. You have to choose the renowned and trusted portal to get the income tax course certification with value so research well before joining the course. One of the reliable foundations for the latest GST income tax-related information is Tax guru. Pursuing income tax certification in this place helps you to find a better position in your life.

Taxation of gifts, safety measures in real-estate transactions – for the buyer and seller, succession planning with low taxes are some of the course content to sharpen your brain related to income tax. Under the income tax act, there are various concepts such as filing, returns, deductions, carrying forward losses etc. This single income tax course is enough to become an expert in all these areas. The demands for experts in income tax are high, and you can earn a handful of money as your earnings when you complete this course.

Major features: 

  • The course lasts 40 hours and is divided into two interactive online classes of three hours each on weekends.
  • Each participant receives a special book titled “Income Tax-Ready reckoner.”
  • Recording of classes for a limited time until the exams are held.
  • A special session for resolving queries.
  • Classes are taught in simple language to reach a larger audience.
  • Completing this course will help me to find a bright and secure future.
  • After passing the exams, you will be given a certificate of completion.

4. Practical Income Tax Course by IBA

Practical income tax course at IBA has more value because it is a specialized platform for offering Training in Taxation, GST, audit and finance etc. Every day the rules and regulations of the income tax have been changing, and updating your knowledge for each change will result in placing you in some good and reputed place. There are various sections under the income tax act, such as sec 234A, 234B, 234C, etc. This course will help to study those sections. Patience in learning and continuous hard work is required to complete the income tax course.

This course is highly focused on each topic in income tax. Income Tax Complete Process, Income from House Property, Income Tax Exemptions, and Income from Capital Gain, Income from Business & Professions and Income from Salary are important contents of the course. There is a difference between learning about topics in income tax and learning to calculate income tax, and through this course, you can learn how to calculate income taxes.

Major features: 

  • Practical Training consists of hands-on Training on real-world projects and company case studies.
  • A dedicated career support team ensures that all students are 100% placed.
  • Convenient classroom and online Training available at any time and from any location.
  • Training fees are affordable for all types of candidates, with the option of paying in easy instalments.
  • A quality-focused student support team that solicits feedback from students after each topic.
  • All students receive lifelong support, including industry updates and query resolution.

Income Tax Certification course by Finology Learn

This course’s ultimate goal is to empower salaried individuals to file their own ITRs to emphasize salaried people. As mentioned earlier, the income tax includes various concepts, and this course is highly focused on filing the Income-tax return. Anyone can learn the full provisions of income tax, and it helps plan the taxes. You will become a knowledgeable person for filing returns through the tutorial of this course. It is possible to get instant results for the complicated tax calculation through this course since it has meticulously designed tax calculators. It is a good investment to pursue this course which will help you in future.

Major features: 

  • CAS has prepared course materials that cover all of the major relevant topics. The curriculum attempted to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • The content is written in simple language, and no prior knowledge is required.
  • A one-of-a-kind and immediately applicable course with BSE Institute certification.
  • The course will be delivered via pre-recorded videos that will include many PPTs and actual visuals of the I.T. portal and all of the important provisions.
  • The course’s goal is to make “self-assessment tax” a reality. After completing this course, you will file your family’s ITR.
  • This course will make you completely self-sufficient, eliminating your need for professional assistance for the rest of your life.

Final thoughts: 

Finally, these are the best courses for you and prepare for your new job in the fascinating world of income taxation. Learning about income tax is not impossible, but it is not as easy to learn as other concepts. So choose the right course for you and learn it with full concentration and focus on completing it and shining in it.