Education is the most important thing in a human’s life; however, everyone has their own set of knowledge and interest in pursuing a degree after they complete their 12th standard. The mindset of the people even changes with the job requirement available in the outside world. The Human Resources industry is always a booming sector. When you take an organization all its essential functions like recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, and providing guidance all these tasks are done by the human resource management. HR domain has been evolving as there is a huge market demand for job vacancies

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

It is an HR-related course that has good potential and most of you will have a chance to get placed in the corporate industry. This course is really good for those who have aspirants to enter the human resource world and also into the field of management. The three-year degree program has 2 semesters each year and it consists of a training duration along with case studies and commercial visits. The topic covered in the courses is commercial enterprise like economics, operations, marketing, finance, fundamental accounting etc. For BBA in HR – Candidate must have passed Class 12 or equivalent CGPA from a recognized board and must have obtained at least 50% aggregate.

Many people actually see this HR job as the more precious one and it is like a white-collar job. Even the market has great demand for recruiting those people who have a valid certification on the management degree. When you complete the course here you can even apply to the job opportunity available in foreign countries, these courses will be eligible for the job opening. As there is a huge demand in the market you can have a wide opportunity to get placed in a foreign country you can expect a potential salary hike.

You can be either a budget analyst or a financial analyst. The roles and responsibilities of this budget analyst will be financial planning. They have to work with project and program managers, on analyzing the annual budget and how much it has been spent in a year and what is the future projection of the budget in the upcoming years. You have enormous opportunities not only in the public and private sector, but you can also be in colleges or other non-profit organizations. You can get an annual salary of about $78,970.

Financial analysts help individuals or organizations to make financial decisions that ultimately lead to increased profits. The main role of this analyst is to understand the investments, the past & current financial information. They can be placed in the area such as financial risk specialists, portfolio managers, and investment analysts. You can get an annual salary of about $83,660.

BBA Hons

This is very similar to the BBA General program but it allows the candidate to excel in one specific area. This undergraduate course helps students to enable their management skills and develop new and/or current businesses. You will be learning about the complete life cycle of employment in this course.

In India, after you complete your 12th standard either you can appear for the entrance exams to enroll in the bigger universities or with your 12th mark you can get into the human resource course. It is not like that human resource course you can have when you do the MBA. Even you can avail it after your 12th standard.

When you take up studying human resource development the universal relevance is more and can be transferred across any platform. You don’t have to stick to any kind of industry for your job opportunity, whatever their niche to be you will have a separate HR department for assist also those employees working there in the organization. 

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com. Hons)

It is one of the courses which will help you to be human resource management. This course will help you to have the analytical part and also focus more on your accounting skills. For getting into the program candidates should have a pass in class 12th from a recognized board, with a minimum of 50% marks are eligible for the course.

As the scope is more in this industry and you will be having only minimal machines taking the human work in this particular field. There might be few technologies that may even adhere in this industry, but the opportunities to explore things have been significantly improved.

You can be a market analysts – Their major role is to have the complete business knowledge to examine market conditions and how they affect the sales of services or products. They will help you to have forecast sales and marketing trends, market research analysts use data to scrutinize marketing strategies and collect data through surveys, polls, and questionnaires. About $65,810 will be an average salary of a market research analyst.

Diploma in Human Resource

After you complete your 12th you can take up diploma courses to pursue your aspiration in the human resource field. The diploma in human resource management is a short time course that will help you to enable your management skills. You can either complete 10th or 12th to get enrolled in these diploma courses.

When you purchase a degree or certificate in human resource management it will help people to improve their management skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills. This will help you to adhere to the overall process even if you become a manager or coo or any other higher position in the organization. 

You can become a tax examiner after this course and you will be working on the central and state governments, as tax examiners to review all the tax filings from businesses and individuals. They will be calculative and particular about the taxes they need to pay for the government. These professionals have knowledge of examining tax returns, conducting audits, and collecting late tax payments. An average salary would be about $55,640.

Executive Diploma Program in Human Resource Management

Another diploma course which is valid by many of the organization course duration is 6 months to one year. You can even avail of this course through the online mode. For getting enrolled in a Diploma course candidate must have cleared class 12 or equivalent examination from a recognized state or central board and must have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate (40% to 45% for reserved category candidates).

When you see the career ladder for HR it is filled actually with a wide variety of opportunities. You can see a different level of hierarchy in many MNC. When you complete a certification course you will be at the entry level and slowly you can climb up the ladder to move on to the top level. When you compare it to another job the growth here in this segment is huge.

Human resources specialist’s jobs can be obtained along with your regular job whne you complete this diploma course. This vacancy is available in all the organizations to handle the recruiting process, employee relations, and compensation and benefits. They are also responsible to work in payroll processing and strategic business planning. An annual salary of about $63,490 will be paid for these employees.

Career Opportunities

As there are a lot of job opportunities in the human resources field it is more challenging to consider the number of options available. Most of the HR graduates apply for every job available and are expected to get placed in a fair job position. So, when you plan to take up human resource management courses after graduation you will be having an opportunity to become a responsible person for the following roles like HR Resource Manager, HR Entrepreneur, Human Resources IT Specialist, Freelance HR Consultant, International Human Resources Professional, Executive Recruiter, Human Resources Executive, Training & Development Manager, Employee Education Consultant. Human resource professional is not only needed in one segment, they want to the professional is everywhere. You can’t ignore whatever the niche may be the requirement for the particular job opening is the same. Even it doesn’t matter what the organization size is. This creates a great demand in the market for human resource professionals.

That being said, pursuing human resource management courses after graduation will help you to get placed in a well-paying job if you think you can handle the pressure of the corporate world.

Bottom Line

In spite of the niche and the number of people working in the organization, the HR department becomes very essential and crucial in many companies. When you want to do financial planning, or do a tax filling or to understand & get a forecast about your company’s future budget you needs these HR professionals in the organization. It is not necessary that you have to complete a bachelor program and do an MBA t become an HR. You can make use of the above UG courses and diplomas to become an aspirant in human resource management. Comparatively, with other courses, the fee for this course will be more or less similar, but choose the wide range of opportunities available in the market when you take up the courses in the college. Take the right decision and mould your career to the best.