Video games play a significant role in economically and socially modern society. The gaming industry in the world is booming, with a rise in the number of students turning their desire to play the video games into a career in gaming. With the marvellous growth in the world’s entertainment industry, several colleges and universities are providing excellent job prospects for international students. They find their creativity and potential skills in game designing. You will get a better understanding of game design, its academic nature, and the main game designing courses after the 12th. So below the available are some of the available games to learn and start your career.

Bachelor courses in gaming after 12th

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or B.S. is one of the very popular academic degree courses among science students after class 12th. A B.Sc. degree course ranges from 3 years to 5 years, depending upon the country in which you are studying. 

1. BSc Animation

This BSc Animation teaches designing, drawing, and planning photographic sequences combined with multimedia and gaming. The three years six semesters progress is presented at a few institutes throughout the world. The BSc Animation course affords a chance for new artists to recognise the degrees of animation and filmmaking. Eligibility to takings admission in BSc Animation is 12th passed or equivalent qualification with an at least possible aggregate score of 60%. The students from the Science stream are wished to take this course.

Eligibility criteria for BSc Animation

BSc in Animation admission differs from institution to institution. Many institutes take admission depending on the candidate’s score at the equivalent examination or 12th level. The simple eligibility criteria to study in that course are at least 60% aggregate in the 12th exam from a standard college or board. Candidates expecting their 12th examination results are also eligible to get a seat in any of the colleges if they clear the eligibility criteria by the time of document verification. 

Do you have any entrance exams for BSc Animation?

There are no such entrance exams for BSc Animation courses conducted for the admission to the course. Students with a decent score at 12th level can join any college that provides a BSc Animation course. A few institutions may handle aptitude tests of the previously shortlisted applicants to check the understanding level. 

Career opportunity

When choosing career as a video game designer shows an important role in the complete course of the game. At the same time, they are thinking of well-known video game creators. Video game designers resembling those who have moulded the industry and completed the gaming culture in our day. So, it creates a lot of relaxation to recognise the people who wish to develop a video game designer. It all starts with game designing in the video game designer path. They can work in 3D Animators in Web Design, Game Designers, Films and Television and Web Designers. The salary package you will get is around 4-6 lakh.

2. BSc Multimedia in Animation and Graphics

BSc Multimedia in Animation and Graphic is a three-year U.G. degree package divided into usual six semesters. It emphasises providing a completed knowledge of animation, languages, multimedia, features films, computer graphics, graphic designing and product designing, etc. The course will aid you in book learning about the picture and sound editing skills, VFX and offers a chance for the aspirants to work with directors, producers, etc. 

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria to join this course are to have a higher secondary level of education. Students who have finished their 12th or an equivalent with any subject, preferably chemistry, physics, and mathematics, are worthy. They must have at least 50% marks in their 12th or intermediate.


The demand for multimedia animation students in companies is continuously increasing at a rate of 20% by the year 2035. Thus an animator with multimedia animation awareness would have an appropriate salary and regular job. After completing the course, students will acquire a job as animator, modeller, storyboard writer, content developer etc. The regular salary of the students of BSc Multimedia in Animation and graphics course is about 2.5-5 lakh

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is an UG level degree that includes a profound study of the visual and accomplishing arts. These programs can skill the unseen artist in you and aid you discover the forte you are destined for. Learning BFA, you can select from various courses from visual arts or performing arts and imaginative writing. Visual Arts includes photography, Animation, sculpture, painting, etc. Performing Arts establishes numerous forms such as music, dance, theatre, etc. It is mandatory in some colleges for students to have a specific course under one program. The period of the course varies from 3-4 years. 

Eligibility Criteria

The only mandatory option for students eager to pursue a bachelor of Fine Arts degree is 12th schooling from a standard institution. Apart from this, colleges also select applicants who have finished secondary education in the stream of Arts or Humanities. Further, if you apply for this course in various countries they might also be English skill test compulsory.

Career opportunity

Animation has appeared to develop a prevalent job choice among the students. This field has increased much attention in the last few years and has since developed rapidly. The success of animation films and cartoons has contributed meaningfully to the growth of this field. The job opportunities after the course are plenty to select from the company. It includes many theoretical and practical subjects, which aids the candidates to dive deeper into their selected focusing on the opportunities it entails. There is a wide-ranging of jobs that are available for Fine Arts graduates. There is a better demand for BFA graduates in the divisions of television, cinema, boutiques, publishing, Animation, textile, advertising, educational institutes, art studios, etc. But, the kinds of job profiles for BFA graduates are very giving to their chosen specialization. After completing the course, you will get a job of around 2 to 9 Lakhs.

4. BA in Animation and Visual Effects

This is a student degree program. It is a job focused on a specialized course connected to Animation and VFX. Most of the Bachelor’s Degree courses are allied to Animation. Typically, such packages combine the art and science of Animation with other relevant field of study, such as Animation and Graphic Design, Animation and VFX, Animation and Digital Filmmaking, Animation and Pre Production works etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for this particular course 12th passed from a recognized school or college in any stream (Science, Arts or Commerce). The aggregate score in the 10+2 examination should be 60% or above.

Career and Job Prospective

Film Production Houses, Studios, and animation companies pour more money into this field to increase animation sequences quality present in their works. They know that Animation has got huge potential. Demand for skilled and imaginative animation professionals is pretty high nowadays. Studios, Animation, Film production houses and companies recognize how large the field is now. They need capable and skilled animators who can carry their work to time and help them earn their part of the profit. Making a piece of Animation is not just about drawing, sketching and carrying the characters to life using the software. There are various stages and processes involved in this activity. It is the main cause why animation companies and film production companies have a great devoted staff of animators. Created on the stages involved in this course, one may take the job profiles like Storyboard Artist, Layout Artist, Modeller, Digital Painter, Illustrator, Compositor, Editor, Scriptwriter, Director, Production Designer and Animator.

5. The BSc (Hons) Games Computing programme. 

This course develops the skills and qualities necessary for roles in the competitive computing sector. The course is intended to aid students to grow as useful professionals capable of flourishing in a wide range of post-university employment destinations. Students also have the chance to grow aids that offer themselves to the multi-billion pound video games industry ever-growing. The course aims to grow an ability that is appropriate to the broader spectrum of the digital sector. Beyond learning how to grow software, scholars can develop knowledge of the interaction between the computer and its user and project a pleasing experience.

Eligibility Criteria

A person, who have passed Higher Secondary or Intermediate any other examination standard as equal to it, shall be eligible for the course.

Career opportunity

This degree aims to equip graduates with the efficient skills to start career. Graduates can work across the games industry as developers, artificial intelligence programmers, tools programmers, mission scripters, level designers, games testers, and various other roles in the broader IT industry.

Final thoughts:

If you have developed up with a desire for gaming and thought of making it better, now is your chance to plan the future of gaming. Get prepared to discover the world of game designing courses after the 12th, but it is usual to have doubts about your decision. If you have certain apprehensions about the course from which to pursue, ask the experts and read the above-mentioned available course that will help you pick out the perfect gaming course.