A special skill that anyone can possess is drawing and painting. A lot of people first take up drawing as a hobby, unaware that it would later turn into a passion that would lead to careers in the artistic field.

Drawing and painting are a form of art that always originates from the heart. You are in the ideal position to learn about your career if you are an artist who uses a pencil to imagine their future. You’re a unique, talented person, and that is why you’ve decided to pursue a profession in this area, so congratulations on that. Every craft requires excellence, every ambition has a goal, and every goal needs certain strategies to help you reach your objective.More information about drawing related courses after 12thare available in this article. To add color to your life, continue reading.

List of Top 5 drawing related courses after 12th:

  1. B.A Drawing and Painting course
  2. B.A Painting
  3. B.F.A Painting
  4. B.F.A Applied Arts
  5. Diploma in painting

1. B.A Drawing and Painting Course

Nowadays, students frequently enroll in drawing related courses after 12th, like the Bachelor of Arts or BA in Drawing and Painting. It is a well-liked degree among students who want to become artists, and it provides strong and safe employment opportunities in the future.

A BA in Drawing and Painting is a first-year course that aims to advance students’ drawing and painting abilities through a sophisticated approach to the subject and knowledge of broad art areas. It can teach you about Folk Art, Art History, Primitive Art, Medieval Art, Philosophy of Art, Still Life Painting, and many more.

The course supports students’ growth in observational and expression approaches, comprehension of pictorial compositions, and historical effects on art as a component of visual communication. It also helps students enhance their talents in pictorial composition.

This course is appropriate for aspiring artists, art instructors, and individuals seeking well-paying, stable employment in the painting and drawing industries. The value of a BA degree increases an artist’s level of qualification.


  • Duration: 3 years
  • Eligibility criteria:Students must have completed class 12th in any stream.
  • Job opportunities: Artist, sculptor, art teacher, art administrator, decorator, cartoonist, designer.
  • Salary: Students can earn up to INR 2 lakh to 8 lakh per annum based on their skills.

2. B.A Painting

B.A Painting relates art to various spheres of production and social situations. The B.A Painting is a course among the top drawing related courses after 12ththat examines how contemporary art practices are evolving. The program reinterprets and broadens the conventional academic approach to painting and the visual arts in relation to the dynamics and values of the contemporary art system and guides students through experimentation.

It teaches you to investigate a range of environments, techniques, and methods and support them in developing a unique means of expressing themselves and their personal artistic ideas.

The Painting course deepens knowledge of the medium, its vocabulary, and how it is now employed in modern art. Painting is handled as a complicated process rather than a simple skill, taking into account its lengthy and rich history as well as its many potential implications with the current situation, from the theoretical to the practical, from the social to the symbolic.

Students have the chance to contextualize and align their individual expression with contemporary visual representational forms and their theoretical tenets in drawing related courses after 12th. This course helps students acquire theoretical and practical tools that support their production, exhibition, writing, and self-expression through the language of painting.


  • Duration: 4 years
  • Eligibility criteria: Students should be passed in 12, the standard in any stream.
  • Job opportunities: Practicing artist, Gallery or museum curator, commercial artist, Graphic designer, novelist, Medical Illustrator, Arts administrator, and Exhibition designer.
  • Salary: Students can earn INR 2 lakh to 4 lakh per annum depending on their skills.

3. B.F.A Painting

BFA Painting is well-liked among drawing related courses after 12th. The B.F.A degree option isprovided by many institutions and colleges to promote local and foreign art through sketching and painting. The course contains training that helps students to develop art forms and attractive paintings that will help students earn money and recognition for work.

A course curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in painting is intended to help students develop their artistic abilities while also improving their form and technique through structural courses.

To grasp the symbolism and ideas that make a painting or other work of art authentic to its essence, students in this three-year program engage in several critical learning experiences relating to varied art forms and their intrinsic traits that make them distinctive.

BFA Painting assignments include diverse nature and still life art forms and aesthetics utilizing oil and acrylic, as well as developing and preparing an artist’s inner talent to produce and prosper via his or her art style and form. Painting assignments are also occasionally given.

Graduates of the BFA in Painting also learn about the latest design and texturing tools that could help them improve their artistic abilities and digitally exhibit their work to a wider audience.


  • Duration:3 years
  • Eligibility criteria:Students must have passed the 12th standard with a minimum score of 50% to 60% in prior examinations, as well as certain entrance tests such as NID, NIFT, and CET tests.
  • Job opportunities: Art critic, Design trainer, Art professional, Artist, Illustrator, cartoonist, and art historian.
  • Salary:Candidates can earn up to INR 3 lakh to 6 lakh per annum in this field based on their skills.

4. B.F.A Applied Arts

The BFA Applied Arts Course offers many different areas of the arts, such as animation, calligraphy, graphic design, drawing, and advertising. Students highly prefer B.F.A Applied Arts among drawing related courses after 12thtoday.

The course covers a variety of sketching styles and methods, as well as painting approaches using diverse media and color combinations. A thorough review of advertisement design, persuasive communication techniques, and various advertising formats will be provided in the course. The pupils will also learn graphic design and calligraphy methods. The various animation styles will be briefly discussed in the course. The pupils’ own animation work will benefit from it as well.

The course will also cover handicrafts, clay modeling, art modeling, and other types of objective art. Every topic will be covered in this course using both theoretical and practical methods. There will be several practical papers in the course, and these will be given a lot of consideration.

The primary goal of such drawing related courses after 12this to increase each student’s general aptitude in the arts of animation and design.

After completing this course, candidates will not only have a thorough understanding of all forms of applied arts, but they will also be competent enough to use those forms in practice.


  • Duration:4 years
  • Eligibility criteria:Candidates should have passed the 12th standard with a minimum of 50% marks and also pass the entrance exams, and should have good communication skills.
  • Job opportunities: Painter, calligraphic designer, graphic designer, and animator.
  • Salary:Students can earn up to INR 4 lakh to 7 lakh per annum in this field based on their skills and experience.

5. Diploma in Painting

For those who want to teach drawing and painting, a Diploma in Painting is a specialized two-dimensional art degree. Through this curriculum, students learn how to produce realistic visual textures that mimic the surfaces and textures of the real world. It encompasses both representational and abstract art, fostering creativity while refining technical proficiency.

This certification gives students the ability to translate their artistic conceptions onto canvas, whether they want to depict the subtleties of realistic textures or convey abstract ideas and feelings. For those wishing to use painting as a means of bridging the gap between their imagination and reality, it offers a useful route.

Additionally, having this degree opens up opportunities for employment in the field of art instruction. This course is the perfect choice among drawing related courses after 12thfor people who are enthusiastic about passing on their artistic expertise and motivating future generations of artists.

In conclusion, earning a diploma in painting offers a thorough artistic education and equips graduates with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the field of two-dimensional art and, possibly, as art instructors.


  • Duration:1 year
  • Eligibility criteria: Students should have passed class 10th and 12th standard in any stream.
  • Job opportunities: Drawing teacher, painting inspector, Design/Drawing manager, graphic designer, Draughtsman, spray painter technician, and decorative painter.
  • Salary:The salary starts from INR 2 lakh per annum based on your skills and experience.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in drawing, painting, and arts, these are the top drawing related courses after 12th you need to consider. There are various colleges that offer these courses for affordable fees. Look them up and start your artistic journey.


What can you learn in drawing and painting courses?

You can learn about painting and drawing shades, textures, art styles, and drawing on various surfaces in drawing and painting courses.

Why should you get an art degree?

The drawing related courses after 12thare immensely helpful if you want to be employed as a graphics designer, concept artist, drawing teacher, etc.

Can you make a living with art degrees?

There is a high demand for art jobs in this digital world, so you will be employed for a high salary.