Studying in a foreign country exposes students to a change in scenery and culture. Young ones around the world pursue their bachelor or post-graduate degrees in other countries because of many reasons. They choose Canada as they are interested in getting excellent education in an English-speaking area and because later on, there will be opportunities to become Canadian citizens.

Universities from Canada offer degrees recognized worldwide. If you are interested in studying and working in this country, you should know the top 5 unis that are suitable for emigrant students. The list below is not comprehensive. It shows the colleges that immigrants usually choose.

Top 5 Colleges for Immigrants

1. University of Calgary

This school was established in 1944 and has over 80 research centers. It offers education in the following fields: law, arts, medicine, public policies and business. Several notable people graduated from this educational establishment, including the inventor of Java, James Gosling. For immigrants who plan to study architecture, nursing, social work, veterinary medicine, and kinesiology, this is the perfect school. There is college paper help available online when one wants to apply in this university. The domestic tuition is about 5,600 Canadian dollars for domestic and about 13,000 Canadian dollars for international students.

Those who want to build their sports physique or show their prowess in skiing can find the slopes near the school an ideal place. This is one of the cleanest, and there are about 300 days in the year where the sun shines all day long.

2. University of New Brunswick

This was previously called the Academy of Liberal Arts and Sciences. There are currently about 75 undergraduate programs available in St. John’s campus. The Faculty of Law was relocated to Fredericton and was called UNBF or University of New Brunswick Fredericton. Read more about UNBF in this link here. It is known for its rich foliage during autumn, which can be a colorful site for students who only have rainy and dry season back to their home countries. The school is known to launch more than 20 startup companies in 2015 alone, and it was ranked as one of the top comprehensive research schools by the National Post in 2008. The approximate tuition is about $9,500 to $12,000. The accommodation and meals range from $6,000 to $8,000.

With this being the most favorite law school of many immigrant students, this is the right pick for those who are aspired to become lawyers. The 75 courses that are available in Saint John and the Fredericton make this school an affordable option for those who are on tight budgets. Accommodation bargains are hard to come by so if you found one, grab it immediately.

3. McGill University

The location of the school is in Montreal, Quebec. The institution was established in 1821. The largest faculties include science, management, engineering, arts and medicine. It was Alma Mater for many notable citizens including prime ministers, governors, the Supreme Court members, foreign ambassadors and others. The school hosts around 600 exchange foreign students from over 30 countries each year. There are lots of academic programs introduce the students to the academic culture of North America. Currently, over 10,000 foreigners study, here which makes up about 30% of the whole population. Domestic tuition is about $7,500, and international tuition is about 29,000 Canadian dollars. For people who speak French or want to learn this language, this is an excellent choice. There are more affordable rates offered for immigrants who are French citizens.

With all the theaters, visual arts and music festivals the whole year, a student will never run out of entertainment while learning in this university.

4. University of Toronto

This is a public research school located in Ontario. This is where stem cell and insulin research originated. It offers multi-touch technology. The Cygnus X-1 black hole was first identified here. The school is also a member of the Association of American Universities, which makes it a friendly place for people coming from the US. Currently, there are film studies, industrial relations, commerce, science, engineering and a lot of other courses offered. There are also pharmacy, dentistry, architecture, law, management and theology. The domestic tuition fee is about 6,600 Canadian dollars, and the international tuition fee is about 46,000 Canadian dollars.

The cost of living in Toronto might not be cheap, but it will be worth it. There are film festivals showing movies all over the world, and many attractions in this city are truly available to everyone. If a student ever finds himself from getting lonely, there’re communities in this place that will make the day fun and bright.

5. University of British Columbia

This school was founded in 1908. It is among the top 3 schools in Canada with over 7,000 projects a year in terms of research. The Vancouver campus is situated at Point Grey. The Center for Plant Research and the UBC Botanical Garden are located on this campus. The Chan Center for the Performing Arts is also located here. The libraries have over 7 million volumes, 2 million electronic books and about 300,000 journals. This is one of the largest academic libraries in the country, and it houses acquisitions, exhibitions and archival projects. The domestic tuition fee is about 5,700 Canadian dollars, and the international tuition fee can be a maximum of $40,000.

With the qualifications of this school, a foreign student might be willing to spend extra money just to see extraordinary sights, choose lots of satellite campuses and get the best research grants in the world. The picturesque places in Vancouver are not to be missed. If you are looking for long-term opportunities and permanent stay, then investing in this university is a very wise move.

All in all, Canada is perfect for both living and studying that is why it is so popular among international students. If you are one of those wishing to be enrolled here, consider one of the five universities mentioned above.