London has been one of the most important city in the world with thousands of people visiting this city for so many purposes every day. Being the capital of England, London has been ranked as 5th Best Student Cities of the World. It has thus become an essential center for educational purposes and training. Students from all over the world have come here and taken admission to different colleges and universities present in and around the city for receiving the best education. These educational institutions offer several courses related to the different field of study. Are you looking for the top colleges and universities in London? Then this article is a must read because we will be listing the top 10 institutions in London for international students.

Imperial College London

considered as the highest ranked university in London and holding the 8th position in the world, Imperial College has been the pioneer of promoting world-class education and facilities to the students who are admitted here. The university is more focused on science, technology, medical and natural sciences. It has more than 14,000 students and awards around 6000 degrees every year. The main campus is near South Kensington and houses the best accommodation facilities for global students as well. So if you are a science enthusiast then this is the best university you would want to get admitted to boosting your career to a whole new level.

University College London

with around 40% of the total student diaspora being composed of international students, the University College London is currently the 10th Best University of the World. The university has the best teaching faculty which comprises of reputed and well-known teachers who provide with the best support and help the students to achieve success. It has students from more than 150 countries. Located in the heart of London, the University offers a lot of different subjects from different fields of study and is not focused on any particular topic or subject like Imperial College.

King’s College London

one of the largest and the oldest college present in London has been holding the 31st position as the Best University in the World. It has a significant number of international students who make up to 35% of the whole diaspora of the research-based wing. It has amazing faculty and educational facilities in humanities, law and the science department. With four huge departmental buildings located near the Thames, King’s College has an affordable fees structure and has some of the best-maintained accommodation for the students who study here. For those who are trying to study on International Relations or other different from Law, this college is the best option that you currently have in London.

London School of Economics and Political Science

ranked 38th in the world, LSE has been a leading institute for the students who want to pursue their career in economics or political science. Anthropology, Politics, Sociology, Law and Accounting are some of the top courses which are provided here. With more than 100 languages being spoken in the campus, it has a significant number of the student body comprising of the international students. If you are interested in the subjects mentioned then you can get admitted here because they have an exemplary record in providing world-class facilities for the students under these courses.

Queen Mary, University of London

the university offers numerous degree courses from different field of education. It has been ranked 119th in the list of Best universities in the world. Medicine and dentistry are some of the most reputed departments here. The main campus is in the Mile End, along with the famous Regent’s Canal. It houses more than 25,000 students studying under the amazing facilities of this university. About 25% of the whole student population comprises of people hailing from different global countries.

Royal Holloway, University of London

considered as one the reputed and largest universities in London, interestingly it is situated a further away from the main city in the town of Egham. With over 20% of the students from the global community has been providing excellent support in the subjects of Arts and Humanities. It has some of the best teaching staff who hold an exemplary record of providing good education and support to all the students here. It also has a beautiful campus which is amidst the suburban landscape and facilitates easy living for the students.

School of Oriental and African Studies

mainly focusing on the study of several languages, diversity and societies of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, SOAS is the only university which specializes in this field. Individuals representing from almost 133 countries, the student diaspora consists of almost 45% of global students. It is located in the Bloomsbury area of London and has a beautiful campus with magnificent gardens. It offers 350 undergraduate combination programs and 150 postgraduate programs to the students.

Birkbeck College, University of London

one of the famous colleges in London, it is the only institution which provides full-length courses during the evenings even if the students have the visa and loan privileges for daytime study. Birkbeck College is located near the Bloomsbury area close to SOAS. Due to its flexible timetable and schedule, students get more time to indulge in other activities and programs through the day. Its campus has different kinds of recreational and educational points which help the students to accommodate easily in the foreign country.

Brunel University

particularly famous for its design and engineering courses, the Brunel University also offers courses in the field of arts, business, law, health and social sciences, information systems and sport. It houses more than 12,500 students which comprise individuals from over 100 countries. The main campus of the Brunel University is situated in Uxbridge, West London which is just half an hour’s drive from the main city center. The campus has all the facilities needed for the students to live with like playing grounds, restaurants, cafes, libraries etc.

City, University of London

last but absolutely not the least, City has been one of the most reputed colleges in London and has been named so because it’s the main campus is in the City district of London or also known as Square Mile district. The Lord Mayor of London is the Chancellor of this brilliant university. It has many departments dedicated to the different field of study but the most prominent of them are the Cass Business School, City Law School and the School of Health Sciences. With more than 19,000 students pursuing different courses, it comprises of around 35% global students.

So here are the top 10 colleges and universities in London for the year 2018. Getting admission to these colleges is not an easy task, as you would have to work hard to crack their entrance examinations or score very good marks in the international examinations conducted for getting admission in different global institutions. All the universities listed here have been contributing immensely in their respective fields of expertise and have provided the students with best in class education and training facilities which gives their career a much-needed boost. You can get more information about these institutions by visiting their own official websites.