MBA finance is a professional degree and is entire career oriented in itself. Still, some critical certifications can serve as the cherry on the cake. After your MBA finance degree, while you are on the lookout for a perfect job, there are some short-term courses that you can go for and make your CV more powerful.

Thousands of people pass out from the same stream with the same degree and apply for the same job. The CVs are often shortlisted based on the experience and added certifications because more is better. Moreover, the courses are mostly job oriented and are good to prepare yourself for the interviews and the selection processes.

Now, when you agree to the fact that some extra certifications after your MBA finance are not only added advantage but significant too then the next question that arises is “what courses you can go for?”.

Here are some of the short-term courses that you can perform after or along with MBA to make your CV more impressive.

1. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

This is not a short-term course, but it can be done parallel to MBA. The course is spread across three levels. An MBA can’t clear all the three levels because it requires extensive experience of four years. However, the first level has nothing to do with experience and is an excellent course to do with your MBA finance.

2. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

It is a course linked to financial planning which includes tax planning, insurance planning, investment planning, and retirement planning. There are two ways- regular status and challenge status, out of which students already in MBA can go for regular status and pass out ones can go for challenge status. The aspirants need to clear five exams to get the certification, and the examination is conducted a year thrice.

3. FLIP Certifications

If you want to settle in India, the Flip certifications are the only thing you need. It offers several courses and training programs focussed on the Indian industry. Everything in the financial market is covered in the sessions. The certification will not only make your CV impressive, but it will also make you capable of handling everything at your workplace. The courses are available online, and you can complete as soon as you want if you have the talent and skills.

4. Financial Risk Manager(FRM)

It is a perfect course to be globally certified as a risk manager. Although the course is expensive and you must only go for it if you are sure that risk management is an ideal choice for you. The certification makes you eligible for a number job roles like Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Financial Risk Consultant, and Asset Liability Management.

5. NCFM Certifications

It is an inexpensive and valuable certification after MBA finance. The course has three levels including foundation, intermediate, and advanced. There is a straightforward way to go for the course. You will need to download a pdf, read and understand the content, give examination, pass it, and you get the certificate.

6. Company Secretary (CS)

The job responsibilities of a company secretary involve keeping track of public issues, managing legal records, and maintaining acquisition and merger activities. The course offer a reputed job profile and the best thing is the job can also be done part-time in India. Not only the course adds good value to your CV, but it is an entire job oriented course itself.

7. Actuary

The role of an actuary is a bit similar to risk management. The responsibilities of professionals include keeping an eye over the impacts of uncertainties and risks over the business. The job is actually to understand the outcomes and preventing them from becoming negative.

8. Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading

Tools and software are changing every business and the finance industry is not an exception. The trading tools are emerging as one of the craziest thing. Knowing algorithm trading will make you stand as best from the huge number of applicants. There are several job roles and the job profile is very interesting with a handsome package.

9. Certificate in Quantitative Finance

Job in quant IT, Quant trading, risk management, derivatives, and insurance can be easily secured with this certification. Even if it’s been a number of years since you did your MBA, the path to be a quant professional are still open for you in any age. It is a practical certification course.

10. Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

Alternative investment industry is your destination when you go for this course. The course offers extensive knowledge, demonstrated skills, and global certification with this course. The fee is quite high and to clear the examination you need to be very hard working. The course offers high standard job and for that high standard knowledge is a necessity.

Best Certification Courses for MBA Finance Students

Nothing seems as intensely competitive, as the world of business does. There is a famous quote that in business, everyday some of your competitor is preparing to snatch away your meal. Similar to the above mentioned quotation, everyday lots of people are graduating from MBA colleges. If you are an MBA degree holder too, this should seem danger to you. When everyone has an MBA, what makes you different from the herd. After all, if we consider all the aspects of your job, the company you are working for might not hesitate to hire someone else with the same skills that you have, for a lesser amount of money. So it’s indeed important to prove a point and stay ahead of the game. Don’t give this economy a chance to play hide and seek with your career. You must aim to secure your position in life. This is where the importance of IT related courses seem relevant, especially if you are a finance MBA.

One big advantage of an MBA Finance degree is that it helps to develop certain skills that you can use across different fields of operation. In fact, in a matter of last few years, there has been a rise in the number of finance jobs other sectors like information technology. Finance MBA graduates have proved their effectiveness as leaders across different industries. However, even when these prolific MBA graduates are achieving success on various fields, not many have the idea of which career option would garner more results? This is why we have listed some of the the best courses that you can undergo, in case you are an MBA in finance.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The CFA program is the perfect option for you, especially if you wish to build your career in the Finance sector. The program has three levels, which you might need some serious dedication levels to qualify. You might need to indulge in hours of self-study during nights, after returning from your college or office, in case you are a working professional. The levels in this program are indeed tough, but when you score a degree in this course, chances of your career establishment reaches a whole new level. There are too many career options you will have, on passing this particular course, as there are increasing number of finance-related jobs in the corporate sector, such as portfolio management, investment banking, and equity research. This particular course adds credibility to your CV, and interestingly, being a CFA means you have more opportunities waiting in the overseas. So, if you put in the effort and hard work, your career will be benefitted.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

The CISA certification is one of the most valued and internationally recognised IT related courses you will come across. This particular certificate is offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). There has been a rapid growth in the IT infrastructure among huge organisations, since most of the industries are dependent on it. As a result, the has been a rising demand noticed, for professionals who can monitor IT tools and manage business systems. The need for skilled labour is witnessed like never before and this certificate course helps you to develop those in-demand skills. As an IT auditor, you may have to carry out a variety of tasks that includes performing audits of your organisation’s IT system, monitoring information security, updating systems and also monitor if your organisational IT operations are in compliance with several regulatory standards.

Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA)

This particular course is specially beneficial for risk management professionals as well as internal auditors . The certificate is issued by the institute of internal auditors (IIA), and the exam would require some extensive amounts of self- study. More importantly, it doesn’t have any particular curriculum, which calls for preparing with heart and soul, with reference to various sources. In case your career objective has always been to be an advisor to the audit committee, this certificate course can work wonders. Most finance professionals like to manage potentially critical areas of governance, risk assurance, or quality assurance. In case you like these business aspects, this course is designed for you.

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

A Certification in Production and Inventory Management is recognised globally, and can be the right course to boost your finance career. What’s most interesting about this course is that you can prepare for the exam at your convenience, since the entire coursework is available on the Internet. If you wish to build a career in the supply chain industry, this certification is the perfect one for you. The course would provide you a clear understanding of production planning and help you gain knowledge related to inventory management foe any globally operating company.