Ahmadabad is a beautiful city and was declared India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City There was a number of reasons that Ahmadabad is one of the best cities to live in. There have excellent transportation and the connecting points for different places. In this beautiful palace, they were top MBA schools that help people to receive their MBA degree programs.

Indian Institute of Management

IIMA- Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad was established in 1961, and the idea was led by Dr Vikram Sarabhai, Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai, it was later supported by Dr Jivraj Mehta, the CM of Gujarat. In the first five years, the institute is collaborated with the Harvard Business School, to tone the exact path and good beginning for younger minds. 

ICFAI Business School, Ahmadabad

ICFAI was founded in 1984; it is solely a non-profit organization, which aims to provide quality education for the people. B School is rated with AAA and aims to become the top-ranking private university in the country. ICFAI is present pan India, and from the very beginning, it has been one of the Top MBA colleges in Ahmadabad.

Indus University, Ahmadabad

A UGC approved university in Gujarat offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The campus is well equipped and has over 250 faculty members from different disciplines; they guide students to excel in their departments. 

MICA- The School of Ideas, Ahmadabad

In the year 1991 MICA was established and formerly known as Mudra Institute of Communications. The institute was found by A. G. Krishnamurthy of Mudra Communications. It is a non-profit MBA college, autonomous that is located in the outskirts of Ahmadabad. The college is very infrastructure to guide people to go through more research materials and updates.

Nirma University, Ahmadabad

Nirma University was founded in the year 1996 by Padmashree Dr Karsanbhai K. Patel. The college was formerly known as the Nirma Institute of Management. The college is mentioned as one of the top university in Ahmadabad for pursuing MBA.

CEPT University

Ahmadabad Education Society (AES) was the sole behind this CEPT University. It was established in the year 1962. Until 1994, it was run by AES, but later, it was formed as a managerial institution and also as an autonomous one. It has different managerial studies which help people to get a postgraduate degree.

GLS Institute Of Computer Application, Ahmadabad

GLS University was established by the Gujarat Law Society in the year 2015. GLS Along with the management studies, it also offers courses in Computer Technology, Commerce, Law and Business Administration

Ahmadabad University, Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad University was set up by the Ahmadabad Education Society2009 as a private nonprofit college. The programs help students to be trained in all set of things and make them be an all-rounder. The university has four successful schools under its management.

Rai University, Ahmadabad

Rai University was established by Gujarat State Legislature as a private body. The university comes under the Association of Indian Universities. It has various schools like the Business School, School of Law, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences School of Agriculture, etc.

B K School of Business Management, Gujarat University

Gujarat University is an affiliating university for undergraduate colleges that was established in the year 1949. It is also a teaching university for postgraduate colleges. B K School was founded in 1976. NAAC accredited the university with a B++ grade. 

Final Thoughts:

Challenges are very common, but finding out a light in a challenging situation was the best thing you can do for yourself and for your business ideas. Choosing a top-notch college for pursuing your degree is equally important. You will be having a wider exposure to the materials and resources.