Engineering courses in computer science are usually job oriented. With the evolution of new technologies, both the job opportunities and things to learn are increasing in this field. There is more competition in the market than in previous years. Options are many, but taking the right decision is essential. Sometimes, a wrong decision can destroy your whole career, and that’s why you should give priority to your interest.

From a large number of courses available in front of you, you need to consider one keeping few things in mind. What you love to do, what you wanted to do since your childhood, and which is best according to your knowledge set. Sometimes, the soul feeding profession is what you need. After the engineering course, it is not a rule that you should focus on computer science because you did your first degree in it. However, there are many options in the very similar field too like pursuing higher degrees and finding a good job or internship to start.

Here are some of the courses you can do after your computer science degree to follow your interest, and passion without going into an entirely different field. Most of the courses are of less than one year.

1. Web Master- A Complete Web Course

The course is designed to cover all the basics and advances of web designing. The duration of the course is one year. When it comes to job opportunities, a web enthusiast can find a job in MNCs, IT companies, digital marketing agencies, and many more. The things covered in this academic program include everything from web development to promotion.

2. Webmaster Plus (WMP) Course

Webmaster Plus is an expanded version of above course. The duration of this master certification is 18 months. The students who are passionate about graphic design and love to grow their knowledge in programming at the same time can go for this short-term program. The difference between this and the above course is that programming languages like C, C±+, concepts of Node.Js, web app development, Magento, and adobe illustrator are also covered.

3. Web Premium- Advanced UI Development Course

If you are the one who aspires to be a UI designer or developer in the web, then this program is made for you. The duration of this certification is eight months. Students get the opportunity to learn professional website development HTML5 & CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript,AngularJS, and Less & SASS. The course syllabus also includes art and sketching, the basics of PHP, and Adobe Photoshop. There are a large number of job opportunities in a variety of fields after this certification.

4. Responsive Web Design Master Course

If Adobe Photoshop is nothing big for you and you are good at making user interfaces by making use of it, then responsive web designer course is a must for you. The course only takes six months which means you have the opportunity to gain expertise and valid certificate within six months, that too in a field that attracts you. You learn to design scalable, modular, and flexible web applications and websites on all devices.

5. Web Standard – A Short-Term Web Design Course

Sometimes, students have some free time, and they want to invest it in learning something that could benefit them in the future. A short-term web certification can add more weight to your CV in addition to giving you a chance to learn something you love. This course can be finished in just four months. The students learn GUI designing in this course, conversion using HTML5 and CSS3, and responsive designing concepts.

6. JavaScript Master and JavaScript Master Plus Course

These are two different JavaScript courses with a little difference in the syllabus. Students who want to learn advanced concepts of JavaScript must go for these certifications. The students who want to do these courses must have good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. The duration of these short-term programmes is only two months. Web developers and UI developers can learn professional web scripting using JavaScript by pursuing this course.

7. HTML5 & CSS3 Master

The very first thing that you need to learn to design any website is HTML and CSS. These two are considered the first step to enter the IT industry. If you are looking for a certified program to start your career in web designing industry than this course will be helpful. The duration of the course is only two months which means you can pursue many more advanced courses after this.

8. Bootstrap Master

If you have just one month to learn something and you think that you are good at HTML and CSS plus some basic knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript concepts then this course is the best thing to do. Bootstrap master is a course to enhance your Bootstrap skills and build a good career in web designing industry.

9. jQuery Master Course

High-level user interfaces and web apps are developed by using a framework of JavaScript which is jQuery. jQuery makes it easy for us to keep code compact and effortless so that the web development process could be simplified. The duration of the course is two months.

10. NodeJS Master Course

If you want to enhance your knowledge bank to perform better at your workplace, then this is the perfect course for you. You must have knowledge of JavaScript, and its frameworks and the people who are frontend developer in the field are benefited more with this course. NodeJS is developed in JavaScript and C, and that’s why it is easy to learn for JavaScript professionals. The duration of this master course is two months.

All these above courses can be completed in a short period and are job oriented. If you are looking for a job after engineering and it is taking time, then you must do these certifications. You don’t need much time to complete the course, but the knowledge you gain will help you a lot during your job. Also, your CV will be more impressive.