Easiest thing to do in the world is to study an Arts course, people say. But every subject comes with its own uniqueness. Only the ones with deep understanding of the subject will understand its value. Speaking practically, an arts course alone might not be rewarding enough to have a successful career. Hence you need a professional course to support your career goals. Here are the Top 10 Courses after BA which will give you a rewarding career.

Human Resource Management

Well, every company has a HR person now to manage employee hiring at least. Therefore, if you do an MBA or even a PG Diploma in Human Resource Management you are open to explore hiring opportunities in corporates as well as mid-cap + smallcap companies. Even at times of recession, you’re safe.

Business Management

An MBA degree suggestion is what everybody told you. Nothing new, but you also cannot deny the fact that this is the course which offers the most rewarding career to anyone. You could have done BA in English or Mass Media or Communication of Computer Science etc. An MBA will add value to your profile and take you to the next level as a senior professional.

Mass Communication

The need for being the face of an organization is increasing. Organizations need employees who can be their spokesperson and manage media relations diligently. To do so, you need a master’s degree in mass communication. Something like MA Mass Communication or even Journalism & Mass Communication will help you build a successful career in this stream.

Digital Marketing

Marketing and selling a product/service has changed completely now with the digital transformation and the traditional way of marketing is dying. Hence if you have a strong understanding of digital marketing practices like SEO, SEM, SMM etc. to name a few, you will have quite a rewarding career.


Understanding people’s thought process and then performing task is said to be more valuable. People need someone to understand different audience and then create a brand story to capture their attention. For example, to introduce coffee in Japan, Nestle hired a Psychologist to understand their mentality. A career in psychology will open up different arenas for you if you’re serious about it.


Well, next to CEO, a lawyer is the most rewarded person. Provided you build your profile accordingly. Not all lawyers are making enough money like the top ones. You need to be a corporate lawyer battling cases for the top most ones. LLB can also be the most rewarding one if you make it so.

Data Science

To understand people and their mind set, some companies hire psychologist too. But the smart ones go for number based predictions and they are true enough. Hence data scientists are in high demand everywhere. Be it healthcare, finance or marketing or any other stream. You name it and they are wanted there.

Public Relations & Media Relations

Do you know how to handle the media? Do you know how to write a press release? Do you know how to write your company’s brand communication? If so, you’re the one required to study PR & media relations.

Hotel Management

People are travelling abroad for vacation these days like never before and the number of hotels has gone up in all important destinations. Also, the demand for hotel management professionals too is rising. Hence if you standout with a hotel management degree, you’ll have a rewarding career.


The number of bureaucrats in the world is very less. But these people make a lot of sense and they add so much value to some foundations like United Nations. If you have a degree in economics and you go further with a PhD, you could be an ambassador working on bilateral relations between countries.