B.A also known as Bachelor of art is a common course offered in all colleges. B.A is a famous field in humanities. B.A has many branches like English, Political Science, History, Social Work, Economics, Archaeology, Sociology, Geography, Anthropology and so on. Though these courses are easily available, students opt for it. But with all the struggles after completing three years of it students are confused what to do next.

Students may have chosen these courses with or without interest though it’s easily available. But after completing it for 3 years they may have doubts about what to do next.Here is a list of the top 10 courses, their benefits and career options after a BA or Bachelor of Arts. Which will give you an idea what to do next.

1.Master of Arts(M.A)

Master of Arts in short M.A is a postgraduate degree of 2 years available to a student who has completed their bachelor’s degree. M.A is also available in different branches like English,Political Science,History,Social Work,Economics,Archaeology,Sociology,Geography,Anthropology and so on. So the student can choose the field they like to.This is the best option to continue their studies in the same field. And they can also opt for related fields.

Benefit of Master of Arts(M.A)

These are the blessings of doing M.A Masterof Arts Career prospects,Specialist knowledge,Networking,Personal development,Earn greater money,Get smarter, put together for a PhD,Academic recognition.

Career After Master of Arts (M.A)

Many different types of private and government jobs are available for M.A Master of Arts Graduates.Especially can become a lecturer.

These were the best career opportunities after completing M.A Master of Arts.

2.Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is abbreviated as Master of Business Administration is an assorted proficient course offered in specializations going from Agribusiness to Design. The course gives administrative abilities in an understudy making them a bit nearer to procuring significant compensations.MBA courses additionally furnish understudies with fundamental abilities and an essential brain.

Benefit of Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Advantages of Master of Business Administration(MBA)programs. It shows understudies logical abilities, long haul vital reasoning, systems administration, authority, and then some.

Career After Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Career opportunities after Master of Business Administration (MBA) are Investment banking and financial services. Consulting ,Entrepreneurship, Healthcare management, Sustainability, Marketing, Data analytics. These were the Career opportunities for students completing Master of Business Administration(MBA).

3.Master of Journalism and MassCommunication (MJMC)

Understudies seeking after a graduate degree in mass correspondence ought to hope to take an assortment of courses identified with broad communications, with each program characterizing an alternate extension for what is viewed as mass correspondence.

Benefits of Master of Journalism and MassCommunication(MJMC)

The course assists understudies with giving progressed hypothetical just as viable information in different media callings like news coverage, publicizing, occasion the board, advertising, etc. These were the advantages of Master of Journalism and Mass Communication(MJMC).

Career After Master of Journalism and MassCommunication(MJMC)

With a Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC), you can work in the following fields: content writing and generation, public relations, journalism, television communication, fashion photography, advertising, film industry, event management, legal, online media, digital marketing, and more.

Are there any adjustments for students who earn a Master of Journalism and Mass Communication degree? (MJMC).

4.Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Fine artwork guides have won a reputation among artwork aspirants who are looking for training in current or rising arts at the same time as focusing on the ideas of excellent arts.

Benefits of Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

An Expert of Expressive arts assists people with mastering and applying the abilities of visual and performing expressions and securing various vocation openings. These were the advantages of Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

Career After Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Visual Fashioner, 3D Craftsman, Workmanship Chief, Inventive Chief. These were the opportunities for students to complete a Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

5.Bachelor of Education (BEd)

BEd is a 2 years four year certification, one needs to embrace to turn into an instructing proficient. If you wish to become a teacher the right choice for you is to choose a Bachelor of Education (BEd).A BED degree molds you as a teacher.

Benefits of Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Benefits of Bachelor of Education (BEd) are acquire great showing abilities and furthermore how to function in the regulatory part of the instruction framework.

Career After Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Teacher,tutor these were the Career options after Bachelor of Education (BEd).

6.Creative Writing Courses

Creative writing classes educated by the world’s best authors. Learn the basic Articles, Short Stories & Novels Writings. Learn How To Get Published & Paid and get started. Many online and offline Creative Writing Courses are available right now.

Benefits of Creative Writing Courses

Make your own works and develop your insight. This is the specialty of Creative Writing Courses.

Career After Creative Writing Courses

Advertising Copywriter, Art Manager, Creative Director, Digital Copywriter Editorial Assistant, LexiCographer, Magazine Reporter, Newspaper Reporter.

These were the jobs offered for the person who has completed Creative Writing Courses. He/she can also become a freelancer as well can also become a script writer and write scripts for movies, Short films and other stories.

7.Graphic Design Courses

The single man’s of configuration is a four years in length course. It has a wide range of fields like studio workmanship, standards of configuration, modernized plan, business illustrations creation, printing procedures, and web architecture.

Benefits of Graphic Design Courses

Freedom to express your imagination. Acquiring new procedures and abilities. Opportunity to meet new fashioners. Work on your social abilities. Freedom to work with respectable organizations. Stable pay. You can be independent. These were the advantages of Graphic Design Courses.

Career After Graphic Design Courses

There are many open positions in the realistic planning field like you can make logo creator, portable architect, programming fashioner and so on. These were the multiple options for a candidate completing Graphic Designer courses.

8.Fashion Design Courses

Fashion Designing courses plan to give the understudies an unmistakable viewpoint and clearness on imagination and application in different inventive style plans.

Benefits of Fashion Design Courses

Self Satisfaction,Starting your Own Business,Hard-working Mindset, Fun and Innovative, Good pay, Passion,Travelling,Variety in Work Spot. These were the advantages of completing fashion Design Courses.

Career After Fashion Design Courses

Article of clothing and material fare houses,Material and texture fabricating units,Marked design display areas.TV and Entertainment world,Stores,Corporate store. Autonomous, independently employed style originators.Instructing in a foundation that offers courses in style planning. Can also design all materials and different ornaments. These were the Career prospects for those who complete fashion Design Courses.

9.Visual Arts Courses (BVA)

Visual Arts Courses empower understudies to become prepared craftsmen and secure stable professions in visual expressions. There are umpteen vocation choices in visual expressions for BVA graduates.

Benefits of Visual Arts Courses (BVA)

Visual art education assists students with understanding essential abilities like perusing and composing which are vital principal abilities for day by day life. It additionally assists with better speaking with others; regardless of whether it be learning another dialect, more excellent discourse, and surprisingly better non-verbal communication. These were the profit of completing visual arts courses.

Career After (BVA) Visual Arts Courses

  • Animator/3D designer.
  • VFX artist/Digital compositors.
  • Game development.
  • Web developers.
  • This is the career path after (BVA)Visual Arts Courses

10.Foreign Language Certifications

Boost your career! Add an official certificate of foreign Language to give a level to your résumé or CV. Improve your career opportunities with foreign Language Certifications.

Benefits of Foreign Language Certifications Courses

Connect with new people. Sharpens memory. Impressive your career. Learn correct decision-making skills. Explore to more different places. Boosts your creativity. These were the gain of learning Foreign Language Certifications courses.

Career After foreign Language Certifications Courses

After completing forgine Language Certifications courses a student can avail on the off chance that you investigate a simple worldwide language to concentrate with an astounding profession scope.

More than these courses

You can also opt for these other courses after BA.

Photography Courses

 If you are interested in photography or do you want to become a photographer. This is the right course for you. It Helps in enhancing your passion, And you can Identify your style.

Event Management Courses

You can Travel to new places. scope of growth. Extensive scope of collaboration. work satisfaction.


Well, next to CEO, a lawyer is the most rewarded person. Provided you build your profile accordingly. Not all lawyers are making enough money like the top ones. You need to be a corporate lawyer battling cases for the top most ones. LLB can also be the most rewarding one if you make it so. If you aim to become a lawyer or some job in the law field LLB is the correct choice for you. Which is a respected and prestigious position.

Human Resource Management

Well, every company has a HR person now to manage employee hiring at least. Therefore, if you do an MBA or even a PG Diploma in Human Resource Management you are open to explore hiring opportunities in corporates as well as mid-cap + smallcap companies. Even at times of recession, you’re safe.

Business Management

An MBA degree suggestion is what everybody told you. Nothing new, but you also cannot deny the fact that this is the course which offers the most rewarding career to anyone. You could have done BA in English or Mass Media or Communication of Computer Science etc. An MBA will add value to your profile and take you to the next level as a senior professional.

Mass Communication

The need for being the face of an organization is increasing. Organizations need employees who can be their spokesperson and manage media relations diligently. To do so, you need a master’s degree in mass communication. Something like MA Mass Communication or even Journalism & Mass Communication will help you build a successful career in this stream.

Digital Marketing

Marketing and selling a product/service has changed completely now with the digital transformation and the traditional way of marketing is dying. Hence if you have a strong understanding of digital marketing practices like SEO, SEM, SMM etc. to name a few, you will have quite a rewarding career.


Understanding people’s thought process and then performing task is said to be more valuable. People need someone to understand different audience and then create a brand story to capture their attention. For example, to introduce coffee in Japan, Nestle hired a Psychologist to understand their mentality. A career in psychology will open up different arenas for you if you’re serious about it.

Data Science

To understand people and their mind set, some companies hire psychologist too. But the smart ones go for number based predictions and they are true enough. Hence data scientists are in high demand everywhere. Be it healthcare, finance or marketing or any other stream. You name it and they are wanted there.

Public Relations & Media Relations

Do you know how to handle the media? Do you know how to write a press release? Do you know how to write your company’s brand communication? If so, you’re the one required to study PR & media relations.

Hotel Management

People are travelling abroad for vacation these days like never before and the number of hotels has gone up in all important destinations. Also, the demand for hotel management professionals too is rising. Hence if you standout with a hotel management degree, you’ll have a rewarding career.


The number of bureaucrats in the world is very less. But these people make a lot of sense and they add so much value to some foundations like United Nations. If you have a degree in economics and you go further with a PhD, you could be an ambassador working on bilateral relations between countries.