In the current developing technological world, you can’t survey with just one bachelor degree. The top companies of the world expect candidates with more technical knowledge with several programs and computer languages.   You have to consider developing your technical skills after your bachelor of computer application degree. This decision with your certification course can greatly increase your resume value and result in various job opportunities worldwide. But enhancing your knowledge with a certification, you can make the best career future in various streams. You can manage multiple courses to earn more take-home salary with your initial job offers. You have to select scoopful certification based on your interest and stream. Educational and career experts suggest students with following top 10 certificate courses after or during their BCA courses.

1. Java certification course:

The programming language of java has been found with all most every technological stream of business. Java has provided lifeline chances for many candidates for the past few decades. Due to this, it is said as the most consistent developing programming language. Java is one of the general-purpose programming languages which have been used to develop mobile applications, desktop applications, embedded systems, and various other applications. This vast application of java is due to its independent operating feature, which means one can create java code and use it with more devices with different operating systems. If you are interested in exploring code to solve issues, you can start learning a java programming language.

Career prospects after java certification:

With a valid java certification, you can secure jobs under the following posts:

  • Junior developer
  • Senior developer,
  • Architect
  • Java web developer
  • Java Android developer
  • Java EE developer

Pay scale after java certification:

You can secure jobs from almost every software company based on your you will payed with salary. Your experience is also considered with the scale. You will provide a minimum of Rs. 22k to a maximum of Rs. 2, 00,000 after completing java. Add angular JS course might increase your pay scale.

2. ASP.NET with C# certification course:

ASP.NET with C# is a modernized hybrid language that involves two different programming languages, namely C and C++. This is one language that has been popular within a short duration. The language is used for general-purpose which has been specially designed to develop apps with the Microsoft platform. To create an ASP.NET program, you must also gain knowledge about the .NET frameworks on the window. The applications of these languages extend to web applications, services, and windows desktop applications, etc. This is most commonly used with various software development companies around the world.

Career prospects after completing ASP.NET with C#:

With ASP.NET you can be part of the following career:

  • Design and development
  • System analyst
  • Interface designer
  • App programmer
  • Software developer
  • Testing engineer

Salary scale after completing ASP.NET with C#:

Your sales estimation depends on the posting grade. You can attain a minimum of RS. 40k to a maximum of Rs.4,00,000. 

3. Software testing certification course:

Software testing involves testing of built programming language software. The software testing process includes validation testing, testing with the working application environment, and more testing. The testing process with software tests is mandatory for every program to go- live among users. The learning process of software testing includes various strategies to make you perform with newly designed software.

Career prospects after completing software testing course:

With core knowledge of software testing techniques, you can secure the following job offers:

  • Test engineer under various grade
  • SMC analyst
  • Test analyst

Pay scale after completing software testing course:

Almost every company includes an expert with a software testing certificate for the above role. You expect an average salary of RS. 60k to a maximum of Rs. 4,00,000 based and your task.

4. Data science certification course:

Data science, data mining, data structure mining are the terms that have been revolving among various companies. A fact says that it has been a rare scenario to find an entity without the involvement of data science. It explains that data science has been one of the mandatory fields among various certification courses. Data science is one of the best and popular fields, which involves various techniques, including data mining and AI. The applications fields go on infinity.

Career opportunities after data science course:

You can enrol in top companies with data science certification under the following roles:

  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Data mining engineer
  • Data architect
  • Data statistician
  • Project manager

Pay scale after completing data science certification course:

You can have various doors open after your data science course. Your salary will be around Rs.30,000 to Rs.3,00,000 based on your posting and involvement in data science techniques.

5. Digital marketing certification course:

The evaluation of business has made it higher degree invo0lvement with digital marketing. The numbers of digital platforms are constantly increasing in numbers every day in the current scenario. These digital marketing platforms serve as a marketing place for various brands worldwide. Within the learning process of digital marketing, you can gain knowledge with content creation, web development, automated marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Career prospects after digital marketing:

Almost every marketing stream welcomes you. Based on your talent and creativity, you can secure jobs similar are equal to that of content writing, marketing manager, digital management head, etc.

Salary scale after Digital Marketing course:

The standard of the company is what determines your payscale. You can have various high earning freelancer options with this digital marketing course. Salary might range from RS. 15k to Rs. 3, 00,000 based on your project ROI

6. Python certification course:

If you intend to stay within current digital and technological trends, then python is the best way to achieve your best scope. It is said that this python programming language has outdated all other programming languages and is constantly updating in current trends. Involving with python certification will be a great career decision in the current situation. Expertise says that python has a long term scope compared to all other programming languages. This language has been used with most of the current operating systems. It has been used as a standard component with vast software, used at larger organizations if you desire to find a career with core level programming and play a vital role with various fields such as AI, inventions, etc.

Career prospects after python certification:

Practically the career opportunities of python can’t be concluded within a list. Based on your depth of python concept you can avail various jobs you can even develop as an investor. The salary range of python can’t be determined because it is such broadband of opportunities.

7. PHP certification course:

PHP is one of the efficient languages which can be used to develop websites or web applications. This is one of the longest time prevailing server-side script languages that is being highly used with severe side purposes. This website is highly preferred for website creation. If you are more interested in server-side or dynamic website building, you can opt for PHP certification.

Career prospects after PHP certification:

Your career can be designed with the following operations:

  • Command-line scripting
  • Server-side scripting
  • Database concept
  • Desktop application development
  • Web developer
  • Computer programmer
  • Complier

Salary scale after PHP certification:

Based on the start of the company you enrol in and project value, you will be determined with a salary ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 2,00,000

8. Database support certification course:

Database support is the backend process of the software application. You can witness database support in various languages like SQL, Oracle, Cloud database, etc., database support is highly used for the database management system, and it also plays a vital role with data maintenance. You can learn to source information, present a platform and backend database maintenance. This certification course can be practised when you have a clear knowledge of SQL servers.

Career after database support certification:

You can avail the best offer from top companies as backend operators under different streams of your salary ranges. Based on your stream of the backend, your initial salary might start with an average of Rs. 1, 00,000

9. Networking certification course:

The network connects people from all corners of the world and one platform. The usage and importance of networks have increased immensely with the current generation. This networking is the major factor that connects server and user. The networking field involves various network installation, configuration, and maintenance processes. The chain of multiple servers is what you will learn with networking. If you are interested in peering the concept of network connectivity, then you can learn CCNA, CCNP and many more with networking certification.

Career opportunities after networking certification:

This is one of the best multi-stream courses. You can play a major role with almost every company that involves cloud or networking processes. Your salary might range between Rs. 60k to RS. 5,00,000

10. Computer graphics certification course:

If you feel more creative with designing and animation, you can surely have a great future scope with computer graphics. Now day’s even medical concepts are thought with the help of computer graphics. With digital photography, the field of computer graphics plays a unique role. You can even jump to Viscom fields with the core knowledge of computer graphics. Computer graphics is a widely known field of computer learning that has developed to an unimaginable level in recent days. With this course, you can constantly learn and develop your skills at great levels.

Career opportunities after computer graphic certificate:

You can use those opportunities for your career growth. The digital graphic is spread among several streams. It is best to perform as a freelancer.

Bottom line: To make sure a bright future career, you have to consider working a little more than your bachelor degree. You can choose multiple choices to reach success with the most valuable certification.