Some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the US include Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Princeton universities, known as ivy league universities. Back in the day, these universities began as a group association of eight institutes with highly competitive athletic departments. These ivy league schools have grown in reputation ever since and have become some of the most prestigious education institutes in the world. 

Getting into one of these schools can be very tough. First of all, you need to be very good with English, being the universal language. In case it’s not your strong area, you can improve your English with ESL vocabulary games for adults. However, once you get in, it can surely shape your future and set you up to succeed in your practical life. Here are five ways in which getting into one of these top-tier universities will make your future: 

An Irresistible Resume 

People know that ivy league universities are some of the best in the world which is why they get a lot of interest and respect from people all over the world. An ivy league university’s name on your resume will make it irresistible for employers when you go out looking for a job. 

You also get the admiration and respect of people when they find out you are an ivy league graduate. Once you have a good resume you don’t have to worry about finding a small-time job, you can go out and start applying to some of the best and most high-paying jobs out there. One thing that you can say for sure is that an ivy league graduate is not going to have a hard time finding a job.

Socializing with the Best of the Best

Most of the time graduates of these top-tier universities do not even have to look for a job. This is because they get to rub shoulders with the best of the best in the business. they get to meet world-class scientists, inventors, doctors, and CEOs. 

Getting the chance to socialize with such people can make a huge difference in your personality development and open different professional doors for you. You also learn how to carry yourself to look the part from highly accomplished professionals from different fields. 

Learning From the Best 

One of the plus points of an ivy league degree is that you get to learn from the best of the best. Plus the campuses of these universities are enormous with massive classrooms, however, you will hardly ever find a class that is even filled up to half capacity. The idea behind that is to give the professors a chance to get to know all of the students closely and offer them counseling on different topics. You can talk to your professors almost all the time which gives you the chance to spend some one-on-one time with your professors and learn from them first hand. 

Access to an Infinite Array of Resources

Studying at one of these top-tier universities is not cheap. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you are planning on taking out student loans to cover your fee, make sure you have looked into student’s debt arrangement plans so you don’t get overwhelmed by debt. 

One of the perks of getting such an expensive degree is infinite access to a never-ending stream of resources. The libraries in these universities house all sorts of old and new book manuscripts, and other materials. This gives an ivy league student access to knowledge that an ordinary student would not have.

Higher Starting Job Salaries 

Where other students will have to spend a lot of time doing different internships, an ivy league graduate can directly apply for high-paying jobs and get a much higher starting salary than others simply because of their university. Some people might say these universities are way too expensive and aren’t worthwhile, but within a small span of time, you can make double the amount that you spend on your education. 

In a nutshell, studying in one of these top-tier universities can make all the difference in your professional life. Not only does it show the world that you are a smarter and productive individual, but it also shows the world that you are a highly competent and useful individual. 


Ivy league schools have a certain reputation all over the world and getting a chance to study at one of these universities may just be the best experience of your life. If you are wondering whether an ivy league degree is worth it or not, you don’t have to worry this article will help you get rid of any misconceptions that you might have had.