Living in India, most of us have heard people talk about changing the direction in which we do a particular work whenever we tend to go through a rough phase in life or are suffering any misfortune or injury. While many people do not believe in the existence of any such supernatural vibe in a particular direction as such around us, there is a large quantum of people who not only believe in the importance of direction but also try out methods to implement it. The fact is that the concept of the ideal direction  to date a piece of work is not just prevalent in India. It is widely believed and followed in the countries of West Asia and Africa. Even Jewish rabbinic literature consists of ideas that are similar to the concept of the Ideal Direction. Charms are the most commonly found décor items all across the world in countries like Portugal, Greece, Spain, Israel, Egypt and many more. These charms are the eye-like symbols which are the commonest repellers of the evil eye around the house which are again, placed in a certain direction only, in order to achieve full effectiveness of the measure. 


Studies and educational activities are one of the most important aspects of life. Among us Indians, this importance is probably even higher. It is due to this reason that we are in constant search of methods and measures which can help us in succeeding well in the educational aspect of life. One such measure apart from the hardworking that has to be done in order to succeed in studied, is the one which depends on the direction in which the students are sitting while they are studying. Again,  it is a matter of superstition and nothing else for most of the people but then there are students and parents who genuinely believe in the concept. For most of our Indian readers,  it must be a common and routine activity to listen to our parents, grandparents, teachers,  etc. Sit in a particular direction before we start studying. All there beliefs in the search of the best direction to study is based on ancient texts that emphasize on the importance of direction in life and particularly in studies. People’s belief and following the concept of the ideal direction is not new. The great thinkers of the past like Chaanakya, Tulsidas, etc. have written about the Ideal Direction in their writings. The Cultural Texts also gives an account of the Ideal Direction’s existence around us. Some claim that it is science that there is the presence of the ideal direction around us. They said that there are certain radiations that exist in certain directions which have a positive impact on the mind while we are doing a particular task in our lives. Even people from Central America and prominent parts of Europe are said to have strong beliefs in this concept. Apart from the regional similarity in the acceptance of the presence of the ideal direction there is also unanimity in the acceptance of its presence in all prominent religions. 


The question remains, that what is the ideal direction to study after all?  Also, is there any evidence of that direction really being so fruitful that even a lesser quantum of effort in studies will help us excel in our scholastic areas?. Well,  it seems that neither our grandparents nor their elders have ever thought of these questions as being important. Without any evidence, without any proof, the practice is prevalent and has only gained prevalence over the years. Talking about the ideal direction for studies, there are several varying opinions in this regard. But there seems to be a large majority of people who believe that it is the North-East direction which is the ideal direction for studies. The ideal direction to studies is not stream specific to say the least. Commerce students may also sit and study in the North-East direction itself to enhance their productivity in the educational areas.