After finishing graduation, the biggest dilemma most people suffer is whether they should continue studies and pursue Post Graduation or try to find a job. We bet you are no different. With the competition increasing in every field each day, it is always recommendable to pursue a Post Graduation from a renowned University, since knowledge is power in this fast-paced world. And for Post Graduation, the best way is to complete it from a good University from the UK.

If you too wish to complete your post graduation from a renowned UK university, we bet the first and most fearful question in your mind must be ‘How You will Manage your finances in the UK?’ While this question might seem hard to answer, it is definitely not impossible. Now if you are pursuing your Post Graduation from Universities like the Cranfield University, you have nothing to worry about as the University provides you with a number of Scholarships, Loans and Grants so that you can easily finish your Post Graduation.

If you are determined to work hard in pursuing your Post Graduation, financial troubles won’t be a problem for you. In this article, we will be discussing all the scholarship programs and loans you are eligible for at the Cranfield University as an Indian Student. You can apply online for any of the below-given Scholarships and Loans, depending upon the Master’s degree you choose.

1.  Cranfield Postgraduate Loan Scheme:

Launched in the year 2014, Cranfield Postgraduate Loan Scheme (CPLS) is a Loan scheme designed to support the studies of various UK, EU & international students admitting into any full-time Master’s course in the UK. Under this scheme, you can get a loan between £ 8,000 to £ 30,000 depending upon the tuition fees of the course you choose. You can also borrow a loan amount of up to 80% of the cost of attendance. This loan scheme was designed as a not-for-profit scheme for the students and funded by the Cranfield and operated by the Prodigy Finance Limited. So, no matter what Master’s degree you select in science or Management at the Cranfield University, you can finish it without a hitch with this Loan scheme.

2.  Commonwealth Study Awards for Developing Countries:

Another notable scholarship that you can apply for when pursuing your Post graduation in the UK is the Commonwealth Study awards for Developing Countries, that helps talented students from Commonwealth countries like India, attain a better education in the UK, which they might not be able to afford otherwise. This is a scholarship that can work as a primary financial aid to you when you are pursuing a Master’s course from Cranfield University. It is a full scholarship funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) that can help fund your complete education cost and the living & travel allowances. It is a great opportunity for you to pursue your dream course from a Cranfield university, without worrying about your finances.

3.  British Chevening Scholarships:

Aimed at the development of global leaders, British Chevening Scholarship is the UK government’s international scheme to help talented students across the world attain quality education at the UK institutes. If you are enrolled in any 1-year Master’s degree course at the Cranfield university can apply for this course. It is a full scholarship that will cover your tuition fees and also your living & travel allowances. Besides that, it will also cover your entry clearance or visa cost. This scholarship is awarded to help potential future leaders in the fields like politics, business, media, civil society, religion and academia get a quality education from a UK university.

4.  Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation:

If you have graduated from any recognised Indian University and want to finish your Post graduation from the UK, Cranfield University provides you scholarship by the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation that can help you manage your finances when studying in the UK. This foundation funds scholarship up to a total of US $100,000 worth of amount for you to finish your education effortlessly in the UK. This funding will cover your tuition fee for the corresponding Master’s degree, adequate living expense and one-way travel. You can easily apply for this Scholarship if you are a permanent resident of India and are in the age group below 30. The only thing to remember is that you cannot apply for this scholarship if your post-graduation subjects include Engineering, Computer Science, Business Studies, Medicines, Public Health, Fashion Design, Music or Film Animation. Besides this, if your proposed course of study requires you to travel back to India during the tenure of the course, you will be ineligible for the scholarship.

5.  JN Tata Endowment:

As an Indian student, another opportunity that Cranfield University provides you is the one-time loan under the JN Tata Endowment, where you can get a loan between an amount of ₹100,000 to ₹1,000,000 for pursuing any PostGraduate, PhD or Postdoctoral Course. Unlike most scholarships and loans, you can apply for this loan before getting admitted in the University or while you are still in your last graduating year and then confirm your admission details once you get admitted into the university. Any Indian student under the age of 45, aspiring to finish their graduation from the UK can apply for this loan online. If you think you might require assistance in managing your travel or living allowances in the UK, you can also apply for a gift scholarship of up to ₹750,000 and a travel grant of up to  ₹ 50,000.

6. Cranfield Global Manufacturing Leadership Masters Scholarship:

If you wish to pursue your Post Graduation in the area of Manufacturing from the UK, then Cranfield University has a unique Scholarship Program to help you finish your graduation with ease. Known as the Cranfield Global Manufacturing Leadership Masters Scholarship, this program will contribute towards your cost of the study. This scholarship will cover your corresponding tuition fee and provide you with a maintenance grant of £ 1000. This scholarship is funded by Cranfield Manufacturing and aims to contribute to the education of young talented professionals with the capacity required to lead the Manufacturing sector in the future.

Like most other scholarships, the application process for this scholarship too is online. But, where the process differs is that along with the application you will also be required to submit a Justification for Support Statement stating why you deserve the scholarship. This statement should be a 2500 words pdf and will be evaluated on the basis of various factors.

7.  Charles Wallace Trusts:

Funded by the funds bequeathed by a British Businessman and entrepreneur Charles Wallace, who had flourished in India in the late 19th century, the Charles Wallace Trust provides grants to Indian students applying for PhD courses in the UK. Charles Wallace had left an estate to be divided between British Treasury and the Treasury of British India after his death, and that is being used by the trust to fund students grants. The trust provides grants up to £ 1000 pounds to manage their cost of tuition fees and maintenance. You can easily apply for these grants online while finishing your post graduation from Cranfield University.

8.  Future Finance Student Loan:

Future Finance Student Loan is a good example of how the funding of the students studying at Cranfield University is always taken care of. Partnering with Future Finance as an alternative source for funding, Cranfield University has created these loans for students. If you wish to study there, you can enrol for these loans and finish your Post Graduation without worrying about your Finances. The loans offered are between £ 2000 to £ 10,000, which you can easily repay up to 10 years and 3 months after your Post Graduation. In fact during the tenure of repayment, if you need you can apply for up to 4 payment breaks of 3 months each. The only unique condition you will be needed to apply for this loan is to have a UK domiciled address.

9.  Postgraduate Solutions Bursary:

Besides all the Scholarships and loans, while studying in the Cranfield University, you can also apply for the Post Graduate Solutions Bursary worth of £ 500 for the corresponding Master’s program you are enrolled in. You can easily apply online for this Bursary and if you are able to attain it, it will be credited directly to the Cranfield University and will thus be appropriately discounted from your fees. To apply for the bursary you will have to apply online with an application form and with it provide a 200 words piece about why you deserve to receive it. You can choose the appropriate bursary according to your Post Graduation course when applying online.

With all these scholarships and loans programs to help support your Post Graduation at the Cranfield University, we don’t think there is anything you should worry about.

For over 70 years, Cranfield University has been a popular education destination for the Indian students who wish to finish their Post Graduation in the UK. They have also become partners with some of the best Indian Institutions including the Manipal University, The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Aadyah Aerospace Private Limited and the Government of Telangana supporting education and research. As an Indian student, Cranfield University is an ideal institute to pursue Post Graduation. You can easily get in touch with the Indian team of Cranfield University by clicking here.