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The recent turmoil in world financial markets, which has been closely tied to events in the real estate market, suggests that investors, lenders, and others who participate in the real estate market need to better understand how to evaluate the risk and return associated with the various ways of investing and financing commercial and residential real estate. The course is designed not only to help delegates understand the characteristics of the various vehicles for lending and investing in real estate, recognize the valuation techniques practically utilized in the valuation of properties, comprehend the full picture of risk-return analysis in the real estate market, but also to model these concepts in best-practice Excel models. This is the only way to make sure that delegates can apply these concepts professionally and to avoid costly mistakes.
Concepts and techniques included in this 5-days intensive program course are used in many careers related to real estate. These include investing, development financing, appraising, consulting, managing real estate portfolios, leasing, managing property, and managing corporate real estate. This material is also relevant to individuals who want to better understand real estate for their own personal investment and financing decisions.
Every participant in the event will receive a copy of a leading textbook in the real estate investment. The course will lead participants form the basics of the real estate industry all the way to the very advanced topics. The presenter, Hamed Behairy, has international reputation in conducting very practical and in-depth training programs. Above all, most of the knowledge will be delivered through actual Excel models that top professionals in this market utilize.


  1. Learn how to create a valuation framework for analyzing the financial performance of commercial and investment real estate
  2. Learn how to build your own risk analysis and development cost monitor within your models
  3. Evaluate the outcome of different valuation techniques and recognize the cost of capital for real estate and implement discounted cash flow techniques
  4. Learn the methods of practical application of valuation models in investment analysis
  5. Understand the most widely-practiced property income valuation techniques and be able to critically analyses a real estate investment proposal


This course is aimed at people with several years’ real estate or finance/investment experience:

  •  Real estate investors and analysts
  •  Real estate managers
  •  Planning and development professionals in real estate businesses
  •  Property Developers
  •  Bankers and lenders
  •  Corporate financiers
  •  Real Estate Portfolio managers
  •  Finance managers and analysts
  •  Property owners
  •  Hedge fund managers
  •  Mortgage brokers
  •  Private banking Relationship managers responsible for Real Estate Investments
  •  Anyone pursuing career in real estate

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