Graduate courses in the arts, or the commonly known humanities, are popular course options of choice for graduate students. There is a perception that only weak students choose art, but this is far from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, art students shortly after graduation have many career opportunities. But the first question every student asks himself is which course to choose after 12th grade. Details of these courses from the 12th onwards include course highlights, a list of universities across India offering this course, university rankings, university reviews, disciplines, and frequently asked questions and answers about each course.

Importance of Humanities:

By studying the humanities, we learn to think, discuss, and ask questions creatively and critically. These skills provide new insights into everything from poetry and painting to business models and politics, and since the ancient Greeks first used them to educate their citizens, the humanities. The subject was at the center of humanities education. Exploring the human experience increases our knowledge of the world. Humanities is essential for life it makes a man to a human. With humanity you can win the world.

Minimum requirements for admission to the Pure Humanities Course:

UG after 12 days: To be able to apply for admission to the UG Course in the field of Humanities, applicants must take the Class 10 + 2 exams by an accreditation body. You need to pass. Mark at least 50% of total points or passes. In addition, most universities require candidates to follow 12th-grade courses that they applied for admission at the UG level.

BA in the Humanities and Social Sciences:

BA is a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences, humanities, and art-related subjects. BA is a bachelor’s degree. This course requires you to complete 10 + 2 from Art Stream. In addition, students in the natural sciences and economics can also earn a bachelor’s degree.  Here is some useful information for applicants seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Popular Specialty: Sociology, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science

BA Entrance Exam: SUAT, See the Frequently Asked Questions about BHU UET, JNUEE

BA in Arts (Visual / Visual / Performing):

BA in Arts holds a bachelor’s degree in arts, performing arts and performing arts courses. A bachelor’s degree in art is a bachelor’s degree. You must have completed 10 + 2 from the art stream of this course. However, students in the natural sciences and commerce also have the right to a bachelor’s degree in arts. There is some useful information for applicants seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree:

Bachelor of Arts degree in India

Popular Cities: Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi / NCR

Popular disciplines: Painting and Drawing, Music, Dance Choreography, Filmmaking, Drama

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA):

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Visual Arts and Stage Arts. BFA is a bachelor’s degree and candidates can pursue it shortly after the 12th grade. Here is some useful information for applicants to take the BFA course:

 A Brief About BFA Course in India

 Popular Cities: Mumbai, NCR/ Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore

 Popular Specialty: Applied Arts, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Filmmaking, Ceramics

 BFA Entrance Exam: Jamia Millia Islamia which is an Entrance Exam, BHU UET, Entrance Exam KKU

Bachelor of Design:

If you are interested in animation or BDs in the same field then Bachelor of Design can be a perfect choice. BDes is a bachelor’s degree, and even arts or science and commerce students are eligible for a BDes degree. 

Here is some useful information for applicants who want to take the Animation BDes course.

Indian Animation University BDes

Popular Cities: NCR/Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune

Popular Specialty: Animation Filmmaking, Graphics / Web Design, Sound and Video Editing, Visual Effects (VFX), 2D / 3D Animation


BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws) is an integrated law course offered at the bachelor level. Applicants are required to pass Class XII in each discipline at the minimum percentage required to enroll in the course. The duration of the BALLB program at Indian universities is usually 5 years. Below is useful information for applicants seeking to take the BALLB Law course.

BALLB University in India

Popular Cities: Bangalore, Delhi / NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad

Popular Specialty: Constitution, Criminal Law

Bachelor of Design (BDes):

Bachelor of Design or BDes in Design is a Bachelor of Design degree. This is also a degree for which the arts and commerce students can be eligible and study in their area of interest. Here’s some useful information for applicants looking to take the BDes course

 Popular Cities: Delhi / NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore

 Popular Specialty: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Communication Design, Industrial & Product Design

 Bes Entrance Exam: NIFT Entrance Exam, NID Entrance Exam, UCEED

Bachelor of Arts (Animation):

 Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Animation is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation. BA Animation is a bachelor’s degree. Students in the arts, science and even commerce are eligible for a bachelor’s degree in animation. Here’s some useful information for applicants looking to take the BA Animation Course

 Popular Cities: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi / NCR, Kolkata

 Popular Specialty: Visual Effects (VFX), 2D / 3D Animation, Graphics / Web Design, Sounds and Video Editing, Animated Film Production

BA See Frequently Asked Questions about Animation. All your queries are welcomed and will be provided with solutions from a professional team.

Pedagogy Diploma (DEd):

 DEd or Pedagogy Diary is an undergraduate degree that allows you to become a kindergarten/kindergarten teacher at a school or institution. DEd is a UG level course and can be taken immediately after the 12th grade. The following information is useful for applicants seeking to take the Education and DEd course of education.

Popular Cities: NCR, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune

 DEd Entrance Exams: Master’s Degree Entrance Exams See Frequently Asked Questions about

 DEd. If you have a specific question, please post it. A community of experts will answer.

Bachelor of Commerce:

BCom / BCom (Hons) in Accounting and Commerce, is a bachelor’s degree pursued by students who have completed 10 + 2 in Science, Arts,  or Commerce. However, students who have studied commercial science at the 10 + 2 level will be prioritized. The duration of the course is three years at an Indian university.

 Here is some useful information for applicants who are going to take accounting and commerce courses:

Indian Accounting and Commerce University BCom / BCom (Hons)

Popular Cities:  Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune.

Popular Specialties: Accounting and Taxes

BCom Entrance Exams: BHUUET, GLAET, GATA

BBA LLB (5-year integrated program)

This degree is an integrated course which merges along with the administrative law. Students who choose BBA LLB will receive a combination of business administration and law studies. Students with a high school (10 + 2) degree with a grade of 50% or higher are eligible for this course. Here is some useful information for applicants who are going to take  a course at BBA LLB:

BBA LLB College in India

Popular Cities: Delhi / NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata

BBA LLB Entrance Exams: LSAT India, CLAT, ACLAT

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications (IT and Software):

BCA is a bachelor’s degree program commonly offered by students who want to explore the world of computer languages. A BCA degree is similar to a BE/BTech degree in computer science or the information technology. Candidates who have completed 10 + 2 in all disciplines of mathematics (and may also require English in some cases) and have achieved a total of at least 45% 55% will be eligible for a BCA. Here is some useful information for applicants who are going to take the IT and Software BCA course:

Popular Cities: NCR, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata

Popular disciplines: Network hardware and security, mobile app development, programming, cloud computing, game design.

BCA Entrance Exams: BUMAT, SET, GSAT

BA in Hospitality & Travel:

Hospitality & Travel Bachelor of Arts is commonly known as Hospitality & Travel Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor’s degree program. Candidates who pass 10 + 2 or other equivalent qualifications from any stream are eligible for the course. Here is some useful information for applicants seeking a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and travel. Travel and hospitality are somewhere related to each other. Hence the study of both together can help you gain more knowledge.

Popular Cities: NCR/Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Chandigarh City

Popular Specialty: Hotel / Hospitality Management, Travel, Tourism, Cooking Arts, Catering, Fares, Ticket

BA Hospitality & Travel Entrance Exam: IIHM eCHAT


After completing the Arts stream 12th grade and above courses, applicants have ample employment opportunities. After studying the humanities at the 12th-grade level, candidates can choose pure humanities or build the future of design, media, hospitality, law, aviation, education and more. Pure hospitality courses also have a good scope soon.