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Servlets And JSPs: Master Java Web And Java EE Technologies – Simpliv

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Don’t program problems, design Java Web Solutions

Has it happened to you that in your projects you find Java applications with JSP pages that have  bad practices and no structure in the Java code , making everything very difficult to understand? Forget that!!! In this course we will teach you  step by step and from scratch  how to develop Web applications with Servlets and JSPs, applying design patterns such as  MVC (Model-View-Controller)  and best practices when  developing Professional and real world Java Web applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in developing web applications with Java
  • Have the basis for a certification as Oracle Web Component Developer
  • Anyone interested in applying design patterns like MVC, DAO, DTO, and best practices for creating websites with Java

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and desirable JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of sql

What will you learn
  • Upon completion they will create an application with a 3-layer architecture applying the MVC, DAO, DTO design pattern and best practices
  • Develop dynamic Web Applications using Servlets and JSPs. Will study:
  • What are Servlets, their life cycle and how should we implement their use in Java Web applications
  • We will study the types of scopes with the Servlets API such as: request, session and application and the best way to use them

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    CA 94539, USA.
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