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PHP Interview Questions With Solutions – Part 1 (Core PHP) – Simpliv

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In this course you will be introduced with some tricky questions that everyone face during their interview. In each solutions I have included some useful functions which we generally use at the time of development also. I have covered the following area in my course with Questions, Attractive Presentations and Practical Solutions that will help you to understand the logic behind PHP in a different way.

  • Some useful functions
  • PHP error types
  • Class concept
  • Access specifiers public, private and protected
  • Set variable with php.ini file
  • Operators introduced in PHP7
  • Logic and its output behind some code segment

Basic knowledge
  • PHP7, XAMPP Server, Notepad++

What will you learn
  • This course is build for the person who is facing interviews. Every question is well explained with the practical solution through videos. So that everybody can prepare themselves for the tricky questions asked during interviews

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