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Learning Path: Python GUI Projects – Simpliv

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Create well-designed, powerful, and scalable applications by harnessing the power of Python. 

One cannot ignore the benefits of a well-designed architecture and graphical user interface for applications. Let’s see how one of the most powerful language–Python–aids us in creating powerful enterprise-ready applications.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are an amalgamation of multiple video courses that are logically tied together to provide you with a larger learning curve.

Basic knowledge
  • The only thing that are required before you begin this Learning Path are is the basic knowledge of Python

What will you learn
  • Create fully functional GUIs written in Python effortlessly
  • Implement several design patterns in Python
  • Create apps that can be scaled in size or complexity without breaking down the core
  • Create apps that leverage resources from the network
  • Understand the basics of 2D and 3D animation in GUI applications

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  • Person Simpliv
  • Address Simpliv LLC
    39658 Mission Boulevard, Fremont,
    CA 94539, USA.
    Phone: +510-849-6155
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