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This Learning Path takes you from zero experience to a complete understanding of key concepts, edge cases, and using Python for real-world application development. After a brief history of Python and key differences between Python 2 and Python 3, you’ll understand how Python has been used in applications such as YouTube and Google App Engine. As you work with the language, you’ll learn about control statements, delve into controlling program flow and gradually work on more structured programs via functions.

Basic knowledge
  • This Learning Path is great for anyone who wants to start using Python to build anything from simple command-line programs to web applications. It is also designed for developers who are new to the field of machine learning and want to learn how to use the scikit-learn library to develop machine learning algorithms. Prior knowledge of Python isn’t required

What will you learn
  • Learn to use control statements
  • Understand how to use loops to iterate over objects or data for accurate results
  • Write encapsulated and succinct Python functions
  • Build Python classes using object-oriented programming
  • Manipulate files on the file system (open, read, write, and delete)
  • Gain insight into the difference between supervised and unsupervised models

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who wants to start using Python to build anything

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