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Learning Path: Learn Functional Programming With JavaScript – Simpliv

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Become a functional programmer by building and testing web applications

Functional programming has been around for decades, but it only got adopted by the JavaScript community in recent years. The benefits of using functions as the building blocks of a language are manifold, and when it comes to JavaScript, the advantages are only exponential.

This Video Learning Path delivers the building blocks of the functional paradigm in a way that makes sense to JavaScript developers. We’ll look at animated visualizations that’ll help explain difficult concepts such as higher-order functions, lenses and persistent data, partial application, currying, ES6, asynchronous code with promises, and ES2017 async/await.

Basic knowledge
  • You should have basic JavaScript knowledge
  • You should have Node installed on your system (version>=6.9.0)

What will you learn
  • Understand pure functions and how to refactor impure functions
  • Work with nested immutable data with lenses using Ramda
  • Write pure functions to model the DOM and then drop JSX on top of it
  • Build JSX & Virtual DOM into functional ES2017 apps without using React
  • See how to rewrite nested asynchronous callbacks with generator functions in a linear fashion
  • Understand how to model and use infinite sequences with lazy evaluation
  • Unit test your functional code with Mocha and Chai using test-driven development
  • Understand the theoretical background of wrapped sets in jQuery, the map function, and flatMap

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