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Learning Path: Expert Python Projects – Simpliv

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Unlock the power of Python with expert-level projects

Python is one of the most powerful, flexible, and popular programming languages in the world. Become an expert with a plethora of projects with this Learning Path.

This Learning Path follows a project-based approach to help you learn all the advanced concepts of Python. We will focus on GUI projects with Tkinter, look at data visualization in deep, and then move on to machine learning. This Learning Path aims to get you well-versed with every concept of Python by teaching a broad range of topics.

This Learning Path aims to equip you with a mastery of Python like no other!

Basic knowledge
  • Requires beginner-level knowledge of Python and cursory information about Tkinter, data visualization, and machine learning

What will you learn
  • Become proficient at creating tools and utility programs in Python
  • Create apps that can be scaled in size or complexity without breaking down the core
  • Understand the basics of 2D and 3D animation in GUI applications
  • Make 3D visualizations mainly using mplot3d
  • Understand the most appropriate charts to describe your data
  • Use predictive modeling and apply it to real-world problems
  • Work with image data and build systems for image recognition and biometric face recognition

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