Founded in 2018, we are a consulting EdTech company that offers affordable blended hybrid courses. Grazing Minds offers full-time, online three month and year-long courses for users looking to get into BFSI, logistics, marketing and hospitality as careers as well as employability tools and career services, enabling professionals to upskill themselves and get placed as per their talents.

Students benefit from:
– Career Growth Services
– Industry-Aligned Curriculum
– Dedicated 1:1 Mentoring

Grazing Minds offers many scholarships including Pay When You Earn, which provides opportunities for individuals with the passion, dedication, and will to change things, especially if they’ve experienced roadblocks before. Students who are awarded the scholarship can receive up to 80% sponsorship on their tution fees and start learning with no deposit down. Please visit Grazing Minds website for more details.

Locations Taught: Online and physical locations (MUMBAI, HYDERABAD, PUNE, LONDON, BRUSSELS, KUALA LUMPUR, SINGAPORE)

Tuition Cost: For Online Courses – we are priced from $7- $100 and for Offline courses – we add $50 per week of course learning

Duration of Course: We have courses spanning from 2 weeks to 16 weeks

Learning hours per week: 16-20 hours

  • Person Sujata Mukherjee
  • Address GMRC, C/o. DH Venture Holdings,
    Parinee Crescenzo, G Block BKC,
    Bandra East, Mumbai,
    Maharashtra 400051
  • Prabhat Rajkhowa

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Grazing Minds is a great platform for the professionals who are willing to learn at their own pace and convenience. Learners can study perfectly at home/work/while travelling by Grazing Minds live classes full time online or recorded lectures and can connect with all the experienced teachers for personalized mentoring.
    They offer several courses mostly in BFSI, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship field or related so that learners and learn by his/her choice from home itself. The fees for Grazing Minds are ultra-affordable.

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