Hello everyone✨

“Where there’s will, there’s way”

Yes, you heard it correct. The stepping stone to success is to begin today itself. We the team, BK LIFELOGY are beginning our journey towards empowering woman.


Babita Komal , a well known Hindi writer , author of 11 books, is a very popular social media speaker. She regularly features in various pages and also have her own Facebook page & YouTube channel. With a vision to empower women , and for upliftment of theirs,
Babita Komal has started a setup under the banner , BK LIFELOGY .

📌Vision of BK LIFELOGY?

The chief motive of BK LIFOLOGY is to work with women , for their upliftment in various aspects of life. The vision primarily includes👇

👉 I have some hidden talent which need to be unleashed.
👉 I can get out of my nutshell to work ,but I need to find a way
👉 I want to be financially independent


👉BK LIFELOGY provides ample of opportunity to everyone , who have the above mentioned visions, and wants to do something for themselves.

Don’t worry,
We are here with you 💡

Don’t miss the golden chance by learning the basics & working from home, while running your home.

📌Benefits of joining BK LIFELOGY ?

👉Various courses time to time , which will be taken by various experience speaker on various aspects of life. One can join those sessions and avail benefits from them.

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Babita Komal

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Human Resources, Project Management, Design, Marketing, Advertising and PR, Education and Teaching, Language and Translation, Psychology and Social work, Economics

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Online Courses

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