Nursing after completing higher secondary education in the art department? 

Yes, it can be. The nursing course can be done by students who choose science in their higher secondary education. But, many students can’t get seats in the science group because of low scores in the 10th and some get into the commerce group without knowledge or some students aspire to do nursing after completing higher secondary education in the art department. It couldn’t be that much late to choose their career in the nursing field after completing higher secondary education in arts, commerce Students have one more chance for choosing their career path in nursing. Even after finishing class 12th in art commerce streams aspirants can pursue a rewarding profession in nursing.

Nursing is a great rewarding designation in the world. There was job security in nursing courses because there are a lot of hospitals in the world with vacancies for nurses. Nurses are needed to take of patients day and night and new diseases are also increasing rapidly in the current years. Nurses and doctors are playing a great role in this pandemic. A nursing job also a flexible working timing. Aspirants have a flexible shift or they can work for a particular hour in a week it ensures flexibility. Aspirants can get a job also in abroad after completing the nursing program as said before every country is indeed for nurses to handle this tough situation. If a candidate wishes to earn more then they can also have the opportunity to work overtime.

Students who want to get into the nursing field are highly appreciable. It will be quite easy to achieve if they choose their career path before higher secondary education. But, it is also not that much late to begin a new thing. If students have courage and concentration they can achieve anything they wish. Here, this article discusses courses that can be pursued even by a commerce student to become a nurse.

Auxiliary Nursing Midwife (ANM) and General Nursing Midwife (GNM) are the two diploma courses that can be done by art students who are aspirant to change their career path in the nursing field. After successfully completing the diploma, an include internships and registration with the relevant state nursing council as a registered ANM or Registered Nurse  Registered Midlife (RNRM), students can work in hospitals and other health care centers.

Qualifications for Auxiliary Nursing Midwife Course

Auxiliary Nursing Midwife is a diploma course that can also be pursued by art students who aspire to change their career path in the nursing field. Auxiliary Nursing Midwife is a two years diploma course. Students after completing the course should do six months internship. To appear in the ANM diploma course candidate should pass out higher secondary education in arts or commerce or science stream with 40 to 50 percentage. They should have English as their second language in their higher secondary education. Candidates can get admission based on their performance in the entrance exam and on the basis of merit. The aspirant should not be age above 35 and the candidate should be medically fit and admitted once a year.

Qualifications For General Nursing Midwife Course

GNM diploma duration is three and half years with a mandatory internship. To appear in General Nursing Midwife candidates should pass out their higher secondary education from any stream with English securing 40 percent in aggregate in vocational ANM course from any institute recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. Aspirants should be passed with 40 percent of marks in vocational stream health care science from a recognized CBSE or Centre. Should be registered ANM with pass mark. The ANM is the first and foremost choice for aspirants who passed higher secondary education from a non-science stream and are committed to nursing. Diploma graduates can register as a nurse and pursue GNM diploma course after completing the ANM diploma course with an internship. After completing GNM candidates will be eligible for BSc nursing and Bsc (post basis) nursing programs as the result of the procedure.

Job Opportunities After Completing ANM and GNM 

Aspirants have huge job opportunities after completing the ANM and GNM diploma program. Aspirants, that completed ANM degree can get work as community health workers, Health visitors, basic health workers, and rural health workers with good salaries. After completing GNM a candidate can work as a staff nurse, home nurse, health visitor, community health worker. The candidates of ANM and GNM have great value and opportunity because the GNM program is longer than the ANM course. So, aspirants have opportunities to work both in the public and private sectors. Candidates with Both ANM and GNM degrees can get great compensation and value.

Bachelor of Science Nursing (Bsc nursing)

In 2021, Government planned to make Bsc nursing an entry-level course instead of a General nursing course. Candidate can also directly enter into Bsc nursing degree after completing Auxiliary Nursing Midwife. It will also be the best way for students who aspire to make a career in the nursing designation. After completing BSc nursing candidates can get into jobs like Nurse manager, Psychiatric nurse, nursing tutor, etc. They also have the option of learning medical coding or management in nursing. Aspirants can get more value and salary in management in nursing compare to other roles. But, In the current situation aspirants can do Bsc nursing after completing General Nursing Midwife only.

Nursing is a challenging profession. Aspirants should have the maturity to handle and adaptable to all situations the only they can give proper care to their patients. Nurses should be alert at all times while working. Interaction between patience and nurse will improve patient’s willpower too. However, the Nursing profession is highly a reputed and rewarding work.