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Student Guide – MBA

What is MBA?

Everyone at some point of their lives have browsed through the internet to find what exactly an MBA is. Through the years, holding an MBA degree became a vital necessity for finding the best offers and jobs in the city. An MBA, abbreviated as Master of Business Administration is a post-graduate degree that extends up to two years if done full-time and can also be pursued part-time while working. It is accepted internationally and imparts a strong base in finance and business.

Types of Courses

It is quite common that students who pursue an MBA go on to do their own business and eventually become entrepreneurs. Most MBA graduates pick the type of business they would want to get into, to give them a broad perspective on the way they would want to shape their future. Having a strong foundation on management would help with better career opportunities:

1.      Part Time

There are part-time MBA courses for individuals who choose this scheme based on their time schedule as well as find fees as a constraint. A part time MBA is often considered as a comfortable way of studying business as they find it easier to work as well as educate themselves simultaneously. These graduates would get a practical implementation of their business studies alongside exposure to students and professors. The downside of this course is the lack of networking opportunities and multitasking as a risk.

2.     Full Time

Full Time MBAs at excellent colleges require a strong determination towards learning and a jaw-dropping CAT exam score. A full time MBA would require a complete student-like education style where going to college would be the only goal for two whole years. This type of MBA is considered as the best choice as it allows getting placed in higher paying companies and adds a better personal value.

3.     Executive MBA

An Executive MBA requires an 18-month agreement to pursue this degree part time, while working in a corporate company. It aims to bridge the gap between corporate and education, embedding all skills in an individual.

4.    Correspondence

This type of MBA is also called as Distance MBA learning as the individual is not restricted to being physically present at the organization except for taking up examinations. MBA this type holds a far lesser value than the above types and is least considered by organizations on a career aspect. Students who are willing to hold an MBA value majorly, may not prefer this type but there are people who opt for Correspondence due to their personal interest.

5.     Online Course

An Online MBA course is like a certification that is done online for all types of courses and does not hold much value. Apart from transferring basic business knowledge and providing a certificate, online MBA courses very rarely land you in a job that all full-time MBA graduates are looking for.

MBA Courses

Similar to any B. E or B.Tech courses, MBA courses have a wide variety where you can choose your domain of interest. Courses like Corporate Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, Leadership, Information Technology, Economics, etc. are the most common ones. Courses may differ from one college to another based on the type of companies that come to recruit students and the exposure it offers.

MBA courses are spread across the world and there is often a question of whether one should pursue an MBA abroad or in India. The answer to this question is that, education is purely self-explanatory. An MBA pursued in India as well as other countries hold the same value since the degree focuses on business studies as a whole. If money is not a constraint and you have the drive to expose yourself to a lot of opportunities, then fly ahead since your journey to the business world has just begun.

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