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The institute prepares students to be operational leaders capable of leading large corporations. It develops talent through a unique training program based on the candidates’ attitude of unbridled creative zeal. Preparation in precarious thinking, invention, revolution and the ability to unravel problems utilising multidisciplinary investigative methods enables applicants to be front-line leaders with morality and integrity. The industry’s specific components will allow it to have well-rounded, industry-prepared leaders ready to take administrative responsibility from the day their training is completed. GNA Business School aspires to develop future leaders who are aware of and capable of achieving success in their organisations. GBS aims to transform executive education through an advanced course, exploration-based training, and project-based teaching. The school emphasises modernization and entrepreneurship as change pedals in organisations. The University’s Corporate Appointment Division collaborates closely with corporate groups to develop highly rehearsed and presentation-oriented course parts.

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