On average, $38 billion PC damages have been caused by the ruinous virus MyDoom. Other than being significantly expensive to deal with, its implications are fast-moving and far-reaching. However, the question is, how can you protect your computer from this gigantic virus to enhance proper digital education with your PC?

Now if dealing with MyDoom Virus is above what you can afford, how else can you ensure that your PC is protected and runs operations smoothly as expected for your e-learning class? It is a lot easier than you can imagine! Optimizing your machine keeps the virus away. Here is how IOLO system mechanic may help to fix and speed up your PC performance

Repairs Registry

Changing windows registry editor may end up corrupting your registry. It is thus recommended that you back up your registry before making changes to the windows 10 settings. With a backup registry, the IOLO system mechanic can quickly fix any problem with your registry and reset it back to its default setting. This helps in preventing further damages that can give kink for virus entry that may further destroy your PC’s operating system.

What’s more, a damaged OS means not only a broken down PC but also a permanent loss of data. Now imagine you have an e-learning assignment and its deadline is fast approaching, and all your data are lost, machine damaged and moreover, Mydoom virus has found its way into your PC. This can be a devastating situation since you will not only suffer a blow of the broken computer, but also you won’t have enough time to write the due assignment fast to beat the deadline. It will be a double loss of your machine, and the written task hence suffer a consequence of failing to submit the homework. However, the use of IOLO system mechanic may play a significant role in keeping a constant check on your registry and repair it as soon as it is damaged hence giving no virus room to interfere with your computer’s performance.

Accelerates Startup

Windows 10 computer is more advanced and powerful than ever. Unfortunately, the sophisticated nature of windows computer comes with consequences such as garbage and unwanted apps launch themselves at startup. The launching of garbage apps is brought about by the sophistication of the OS, HDD, central memory, and the CPU which accommodate the fast and vast operating of apps. The unnecessary apps elbow into the start-up procedure to reduce the snappiness and speed of your start-up hence leaving you with a frustrating operating experience and a sluggish operating system. Even though other cheap PC cleaning apps my be somehow useful, they may not help your PC effectively. Only IOLO system mechanic start-up optimizer 16.5 can comprehensively and correctly spot and deactivate this bloatware from launching at start-up. Therefore, disabling the bloatware from launching during the PC start-up accelerates the starting process and enhance gives students an easy time dealing with essay writing deadlines.

Recovers Memory Leaks

If you thought that only Hard drive could be fragmented, you are wrong, computer memories as well can. A fragmented memory can cause a decline in performance, severely compelling your PC to operate as though it has continuously undergone a month or weeks of abuse. Memory leaks happen when your PC preserves a lot of space for itself but then fails to release the data and free the used space after finishing its operations. Memory fragmentation confuses the operating system to remain in a state where it cannot let go of the previously reserved resources even though the PC need them no more. This may lead to system instability, which brings about a lack of space to save your data.

Now imagine if you are halfway to finish working on your underlying task, but you have something urgent to attend to yet you don’t have space to save your work. Do you close the window and lose all your data so that you can start from scratch again? Iolo system mechanic is not only designed in a contagious order to accelerate system performance since it also hunts down and frees all the data held captive by fragmented memories on sloppy programs. The system mechanic completely eliminates the short pauses that build up in memory shortly after the PC has completed its operations

Don’t wait until its too late, optimize your computer now and save the chances of computer damage and delayed submission of assignments. With all this information, computer woes should no longer be a problem for you.