There are several stages of disappointment with a job, during which a person comes to the decision to quit. The longer the problem is not resolved, the sharper the breakup with the employer can be.

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Finding a job while the employee is still working is a rather stressful period. But with proper preparation, everything can go easier and more harmoniously.

Where to start looking for a new job?

The most important thing is to deal with the old work before you start looking for a new one. You need to find a problem that pushes you to dismiss and try to solve it. Often, a sincere conversation with the leader works wonders. You can get support from your boss or even a pay raise, and the need to send resumes in search of new prospects will disappear.

If you do not try to solve the problem, then you risk to make the same mistake twice, only at the next job.

What difficulties you might face?

For example, after all the thoughts and attempts to improve your position in the current workplace, you are determined to look for a new one. Then you should know what can complicate the whole process.

“Eats” a lot of nerves. Usually, a person is worried that a manager will find out about a job search and will not want to keep a “traitor”.

It takes a lot of time. Finding a new job in this situation is your second job. Of course, it does not require your attention from 9 AM to 6 PM, but a considerable investment of time and effort will be required.

Distracts from the main work. Starting from the fact that you need to ask for an interview and answer the phone, ending with the fact that your thoughts are not occupied with work, but with the results of the interview.

Why is it good to look for a new job without quitting?

You do not need to rush. You are not kicked out of work, you receive stable wages, which means you can afford to choose the most suitable employer.

The stakes are not so high. The greater the candidate’s desire to get a job, the higher his excitement at the interview. This condition is aggravated if it depends on the results of the interview whether he will live for what the next few months. If you have a job, the excitement will not be so strong, which means that self-presentation at the interview is better.

You may not need to leave. When researching the labor market, it may turn out that your company wins noticeably in terms of conditions, and so far the job should not be changed.

Job search allows you to soberly evaluate yourself. During the interview process, you will be able to see how you are evaluated in the labor market. Do you have enough knowledge and skills to move to an equivalent or a higher position? Thanks to this, you can make a more rational decision on your dismissal and better plan your actions.

Is it worth talking with the boss about your plans?

This approach is more honest. It provides an opportunity for the employer to try to persuade you to stay or find a replacement before you leave.

This works if you have a trusting relationship with your boss. But not all candidates, as well as employers, are ready for such an open dialogue. In addition, if you are not sure that you will quickly find a new job, you should not tell your boss about your plans.

The boss does not know anything. How to do everything right?

So you are not telling anyone that you are looking for a job. In this case, follow simple rules.

Keep anonymity

Post your resume on job search sites only if you are sure that your employer will not find it. Also the format of the so-called anonymous resume in which, for example, your name and surname of the company in which you are currently working are not indicated.

Use only personal mail

Send resumes to vacancies interesting to you only from personal mail. Do not use work e-mail or work computer.

Think of a plan of behavior

Think in advance what you will tell your boss if he finds out about everything. Have you met employers who would fire their employees because they were looking for another job? But in any case, you will be calmer if you immediately know what to say.

If you find out about your job search and call to talk, you have several options for how to behave.

The first is to say that you want to explore the labor market and your own value in it. A resume was posted to see how valuable your experience is in the market.

The second is to honestly discuss with the employer the reasons why you started looking for a job, and try to come up with a decision. If it doesn’t work out, then pronounce the terms of your working out so that you quietly find a new place, and the employer has time to prepare a replacement for you.

Plan time for HR communication

Be prepared for calls from recruiters during business hours. There is nothing wrong with inviting a recruiter to call back after 10 minutes and go outside for a quiet conversation.

In order not to disappear for a long time from your workplace, at the beginning of a telephone interview, specify how long it takes to go through it. It’s absolutely normal to ask the recruiter a question: “Please guide, how much time will it take for a telephone interview.”

If you have had a telephone interview and you have been assigned a full-time interview, try to arrange an interview in the morning before work, at lunchtime, or in the evening after hours. Often, recruiters are willing to stay at work or come early to conduct an interview with an interesting candidate. But be prepared that interviews with executives or top managers will be scheduled at a convenient time for them, which means that you will need to take time off from work.

Get the most out of the phone

If possible, get to know well the details of the vacancy in telephone communications so as not to waste time interviewing companies that are potentially not of interest to you.

State the reason for leaving

Consider a compelling reason to look for work. You will definitely be asked about it.

Examples of compelling reasons: the company did not fulfill its promises (for example, they promised to revise the salary and did not fulfill it), or the employee “outgrew” the position, and the company does not have the opportunity to develop it.

In no case should you complain about the manager and colleagues, and also call the salary the reason for dismissal from several places in a row – the employer will assume that you will easily leave him if you are offered more in another place.

Warn you are still working

Speak at the interview that you are still working and ask not to collect recommendations from the current employer. If at your place of work there is a colleague who is ready to give you recommendations, it is better to refer to him.

Also, immediately speak with the employer that you will need to work for some time in the company. This will not surprise anyone and will show you as someone responsible.

Make a decision consciously

Even if you are determined to leave, still do not rush to accept an offer from another company if you are not sure that this work is worth it. The transition to a new job is always a risk. And such decisions must be made consciously.