There has been some controversy in recent times about children becoming victims of fashion trend and how the issue of body stereotyping is being ingrained in them from a very young age. The fashion industry has been blamed for it to a large extent but mindful designers have always tried to retain the innocence in children, and if anything- show more of if, through their fashion. Fashion designers have indeed given into to the demand of parents who want their children to look good as much as possible and they have been egged on by the lifestyle shows of the Kardashians and the like! However, there is no denying the fact that children’s fashion has indeed evolved over the years and some budding designers who are now going to some of the best fashion institutes in India, have indeed carved a niche in this segment.

The trend is more towards the teenage group of 11 to 16 years and there is no denying the fact that children today are a lot more fashion conscious than they ever wear, thanks to the constant exposure to snippets of red carpet appearances and music videos they have access to because of the internet. While they aspire to follow their dream stars, it is also at this age when it is very easy to get swayed by mindless trends. This is the formative year in any person’s life and this is also the time when a person’s personality starts to evolve and their tastes start to form. So if they are to be exposed to fashion and trends, then it only makes sense that they be exposed to the positive side of fashion rather than picking on something which they would feel embarrassed about a few years down the line.

It is important to understand that children today think differently, and they are just about the younger versions of the adults today. No wonder that the garments they are choosing are more in sync with what their parents would wear, but this is where a good children’s dress designer would come in. He or she would know how to design a good garment which is age appropriate for the child, and at the same time make the child feel grown up and confident, without taking away any of the innocence that children are meant to possess.

The top fashion designing institutes in India are now catering to a number of audiences and the designers who are trying to look for new avenues are also dabbling in children and teenage dress design and accessory. Institute like Gurukul School of Design has always promoted designers who are thinking out of the box and for those want to pursue this line of fashion will find ample scope to learn for sure. A fashion and design institute should incorporate designers with all ideas and break free from precedents and this is what Gurukul has always tried to achieve over the years.