Dreaming of getting your career sorted with a degree in management? But are you skeptical of spending hundreds of thousands without quite the guarantee of getting a job? Well, then Fazlani Academy of Business Sciences (FABS), one of the top colleges in Andheri might just be the right thing for you. FABS is just as its name goes- ‘FAB’. If you’ve made up your mind about going for a postgraduate degree in management then this college is a pretty good option to consider.

The reason FABS has so many rave testimonials to its name owes to the fact that with FABS, your placement is guaranteed. In fact, one of the many unique things about this B school is that you get placed even before your management program begins! Wondering how?

This institute has changed the way we are habitual of looking at education. The process begins with a student appearing a test called the ‘FABSAT’. The FABSAT is an entrance test that acts as a prerequisite for admission to FABS. For the students who successfully qualify the FABSAT, a psychometric analysis is the next step. After the successful completion of these two steps, the shortlisted students are then eligible for placements. The students are eligible to appear interviews for 3 corporate companies. If you get selected by any of the three companies then voila, your job, as well as your admission with FABS, is confirmed! However, for any student failing to get placed in any of the companies, his journey with FABS ends right there. Only after the successful placement of a student, the management program begins. 

FABS offers management courses in

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Human Resource
  3. Operations Management
  4. Investment Banking & Securities Operations

With FABS, you not only get an Internationally recognized Postgraduate degree but also get a chance to learn from leading industry experts. The FABS curriculum goes beyond the walls of just theoretical learning and provides students with the necessary practical knowledge that is relevant from an industry point of view.

While other students get only theoretical knowledge, a FABS student gets equipped with theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the same duration.

There are different types of programs provided by FABS, one can enrol for any of them as per his/ her area of interest. Apart from the courses mentioned above FABS also offers ‘Post graduation programs in Executive Education’ and ‘Program in Capability Enhancement for Executives’. 

FABS, in addition to PGPEM (Post graduation program in Early Management) and Executive MBA also conducts different programs like BEP and DNA Turning Point which are employment-oriented training programs targetted for employees already working with an organization. 

FABS programs prove to be beneficial to not just the students but to the college and companies as well. College where they have committed students, students who want to make their future brighter and engage with top companies and companies are benefitted with well-trained students as their future employees.

FABS, along with preparing their students for practical and theoretical things also prepare for extracurricular activities that help to overcome the barriers that one might face after entering the huge corporate world. The students are groomed with life enhancement skills, client/customer interaction and other relevant skills. Some of the extracurricular and co-curricular activities include industrial visit, management games, HR Conclave, Leadership Development program, Alumni Interaction, outbound programs to enhance their talent etc.

The other thing that makes FABS stand out is that during the program, you do a 9 months internship at the same company where you are placed. In the internship, you get to work with industry experts and get mentorship from CEOs of top leading companies like Cox and Kings, Genpact, HFFC, Logistic Integrators, HCL, etc. To top it all, the internship is paid too.

During the internship, you will learn to face the real issues that come when you join big companies.

Apart from a 360-degree learning experience, you get a minimum of 5 lacs annual package offer from the industry. This is just a starting package that FABS students get. During your internship, you get a minimum 10,000/- per month as a stipend, meaning that you earn while still learning. Another added benefit is the 9 months of internship count as relevant experience and the student also gets a certificate.

The internship provides a student with the opportunity to get hands-on learning experience with the industry experts, learn about their struggles and gain the ability to deal with tough situations. 

After successful completion of internship (with stipend), you would appear the post-graduation exam where through your industry experience you should clear the exam and after successfully clearing the exam you will not only get a degree but also get a certification of internship that is valid and count as an experience.

So where else does one get a better deal? Get your career sorted with FABS and prepare yourself for a brighter future!