Your career is a reflection of your inner self. Psychology says that self-awareness when resonates with your career choices makes you the perfect professional. Therefore, your career choice should be per your interests, your traits, and your likes and dislikes. For instance, some are creative so opt for arts, few are patriotic so serve in the armed forces or police; while some have compassion for humanity and become welfare workers or health workers like nurses. Nursing as a career is wide in its scope and evolving fieldwork. Allowing them to either directly work with the patients or in collaboration with the interdisciplinary field team. The reason why the demand for nursing jobs and nursing as a profession has increased with time.

Multiple Aspects Of Nursing

Nursing is one of the best career choices with multiple aspects of this field. These varied aspects of nursing include working under great pressure beside the person fighting with death or taking care of an almost healthy p[erson.Therefore, varying from making every action carefully to carefree chit chat with the family members. Moreover, the age group with whom they work can also vary in its aspect, demanding a nurse to take care of a newborn baby to look after elderly people. Therefore, having various choices in this multidimensional field. On the other hand, the domain of their fieldwork also varies. They either work with a local hospital as a part of a long-term care facility, in clinics, physician offices, or sometimes have to work while traveling as a traveling nurse. Therefore, nursing is not a desk job but is a field with multidimensional scope and fieldwork.

Nursing As A High Paying Job

Health-related professionals have always been valued and respected a lot. However, the fee payment related to this field is not as high as it should be in some countries. On the contrary, this profession pays very well in some countries. Therefore, having a high scope of nursing as a career in these countries. 

Advanced Options In Nursing 

For registered nurses, there are many options under the umbrella of advanced practice registered nursing. Which demands either a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a doctor of nursing degree. Therefore, building the gap between the nurse and the physician with their special positions as nursing nid wives, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthesia, or clinical nurse specialist. Moreover, the field also offers options of specialty in-home health care, surgical hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient care, etc.

Wrongly Stereotyped Profession

The profession of nursing has been wrongly stereotyped as a profession for women. This profession is more inclined towards the sentiments of care, empathy, devotion and lacks the sentiments of masculinity, strength, or emotional strength. Whilst, in contrast, the profession of nursing is versatile in its fieldwork. Sometimes it’s a profession of high adrenaline when they work in an emergency or sometimes it is a profession demanding you to connect with the patient or his family politely.

Therefore, nursing as a profession varies in its demands. One cannot stereotype and categories this profession to one gender. Both makle and female with proper skills can work well with their ability to make quick decisions , do accurate measurement of the patient vitals and take care of the elderly. . Therefore, a field with an evolving environment, open for both male and females.

Indeed, one can say that nursing as a profession is best for those who love to serve mankind, have further plans of higher studies, and advance specialization. Giving versatile options to excel in the field.