Some courses never lose their sheen even after years. Well, the number of enrollments can be less. But the demand is always high. Across industries, a Content Writer with a BA English Literature Degree is what all are looking for. Isn’t it a good deal?

But to leverage the best of opportunities after BA English Literature, you need a Master Degree that will take you further and add value to your professional life. You can go working as a Content Writer, but you may not be as successful as you thought you will be. Therefore, we present you Top 5 Courses after BA English degree to boost your profile and help you land in a rewarding career.

MA Journalism & Mass Communication

Being a writer and a journalist is nothing new. People do look at you with a different eye when you tell them you’re a Journalist right? Yes, they could picture you as someone exposing a major scam, someone with a deep understanding of issues and someone with details of very important gossips. Interesting, isn’t it?

Even you imagined yourselves there for a while right? So yes, it is as exciting as it seems and a full time course in Journalism and Mass Communication will open up new avenues to boost your career. Also, you can check out for PG Diploma courses in Journalism or MA in Mass Media. Apart from this, you will find courses on International Media and a lot more.

MSc Psychology

Well, this could confuse you for a while. How is MSc Psychology connected to MA English and how is it going to give a rewarding career? Well, Literature and Psychology goes well when it comes to education research. Also, when it comes to becoming a thought leader, a degree in Psychology will help you go ahead. But education research is the place where you can actually gain a lot.

Universities, education boards and similar bodies hire people with a Psychology degree and literature degree. But to enter Education Research, you might also have to do PhD and degrees in Education (i.e. B.Ed & M.Ed). Eventhough it is a lengthy process, at the end you will begin to earn a hefty sum.

MA Public Relations & Corporate Communications

The most lucrative of all careers as on date or at least for the past one decade, is the one in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Every corporate company wants someone who could take ownership of the brand and communicate well to the internal and external stakeholders. Keeping the employees engaged with an internal newsletter or sending out an email campaign to let people know what they are doing new and a lot more.

Once you complete this degree, your lifestyle changes. Remember, to be a Corp. Comm. Executive, you must be well groomed and you must possess a high level of diction. Once you master all of this, your career and your life goes to the next level. You’ll not be the same old irregular/yet another person.

MSc Electronic Media

There is no big difference between JMC and Electronic Media. But with Electronic Media, you can actually find a place in any of the Television, OTT, Radio and a lot of e-media platforms. Here you will learn less about content and more about strategy + technicalities.

Right from handling a camera to shooting a movie to hosting a radio shows to hosting an event and what not. You get to do everything when it comes to electronic media. Not many universities and institutes are offering this course. But it is slowly gaining traction and very soon we can expect it to blow up as the demand is rising in all markets. Hence this is yet another course which makes a rewarding career for you.

MSc Statistics/Data Science

You heard everyone talking about Big Data. Irrespective of Geography, Data Science is gaining more prominence and the reason being, the need to understand people and problems, according to experts. Data Science has its say in every industry.

Healthcare, Finance, Marketing, Sales etc. are some places where it is used more. So if you get a degree in Data Science, you have a scope to become a Data Scientist who can deliver impeccable work as well as reports. Most importantly, a data scientist’s beginning salary is always in six/seven digits. Hence in all ways, a master degree in Data Science will mean a lot to your career.

These are the best options for anyone who would want an extraordinary career after BA English. At times, it depends on the skills of the person too. If your language skills are good, you could end up becoming editor of a magazine or even an e-publishing company. Also, you can do MA English to go forward in your career. By doing so, you can also become a teacher.