Most of the students who completed their PCM do not consider any other options than engineering. But there are so many other intriguing courses for students. For most of the parents there is a misconception that engineering is the best career option out there for PMC students but the fact is that there are so many other opportunities too which are beneficial both financially and professionally. If you are ready to explore beyond engineering, you will find so many great options out there. This article covers the best courses present out there other than engineering, and do not forget that these courses also provide you with some great career options.


There are so many traditional and contemporary architectural marvels around the world and these marvels didn’t just pop out from thin air. There were so many renowned architects who put in a lot of efforts in designing these marvels. Architecture is one of the best career options present in the market. The career for the people who pursue architecture is very bright. There are so many sub domains and you can operate from any one of them. These architects work closely with the civil engineers and provide custom designs for the houses, malls, restaurants and so many other places. You should have critical thinking ability, aesthetic sensitivity, knack for using the space available, observational skills and eye for details.


If you aren’t a kind of person who would sit at their desk for 9 to 5, then this aviation is for you. This is one of the versatile career options present out there. You would be able to work in the field, flying and playing with the technology. A commercial pilot job would be to carry the people and cargo goods across the world safely. This is one of the most reputed and respected job across the world. Similar to other courses, this course offers wide range of career options to choose for. You can work for any domestic or international airlines or fly the cargo planes, operate the emergency or medical planes. The prerequisites to pursue this career are physically fit, spontaneity, eye for the details, technical knowledge.

Merchant Navy

Similar to Aviation, Navy is another intriguing and unconventional choice. If you love travelling around the world, then joining the merchant navy is one of the most interesting choices you have out there. Indian Navy and Merchant Navy are completely different career options, Indian Navy defends the country in the sea whereas the merchant navy handles all the business related issues out there. You should be able to stay resilient on the sea and handle all the cargo goods transfer across the sea. People who don’t show much of a interest to just sit at their desk can pursue this career option. This career option is very respected and you will get both monetary as well as professional rewards.

Ethical Hacking

With increased technological crime rates, there is a necessity of people who can beat the usual hackers. As the name itself seems, ethical hacking is nothing but hacking any sites or accounts for ethical purposes. This is one of the off beat career options present out there. If you love playing with technology and computers, then you can surely prefer this option. There are so many people out there who are earning a fortune in this field. Almost every organization is hiring the ethical hackers to protect their company from any cyber attacks so there are so many opportunities present out there for talented ethical hackers.

Fashion Technology

If you have a knack for fashion industry, then here is a great option for you. No, there is no need for you design or decorate the dresses. You can implement the technology into the fashion industry for efficient results. This may sound a little odd to you but let me explain. Every industry in this world is employing technology for making their work better, easier and efficient. The same situation is with fashion industry also. The fashion industry is implementing some of the best technologies present out in the market for better production and you can join the same industry to know more about both technology and fashion. If you pursue this as your career, your responsibilities would be to check the equipment and fabric. There are so many opportunities for the candidates who complete the fashion technology course. You can work with fashion boutiques, stores, retailers, big fashion companies, etc. if you have a flair for both technology and fashion, this may be the perfect career for you.

Animation and Graphics

The technology implementation in Indian movies has gone a long way after some of the great movies like Bahubali. The use of VFX, CGI and animation in the movies is increasing with everyday passing and there is a huge demand for the people who are expert in animation and graphics. Most of the time, the Indian movies have always outsourced the animation effects to other countries but with the development of technology, they are looking for professionals who can do it in India only. This resulted in the demand for the talented professionals who can handle all the CGI work by themselves. 3D animation, VFX , CGI, graphic design, digital film making, multimedia production are some of the best options present out there. If you have strong creative skills, ability to work with the technology and computer, aesthetic sense, you can build a great career in this field. Some of the career options that one can have in animation and graphics are graphic designing, game designing, digital art, flash design, 3D modeling, texturing, cartoon modeling, composition, VFX, story writing, web design, character animation, etc.

There are so many amazing careers present out there other than engineering. If you are  a person who do not love conventional jobs and want to do something different and interesting, then these career options are for you. They provide you with so many monetary benefits too so there is no need of worrying about the financial hassles.