What to do after completing your 12th grade in commerce with math may confuse you. Choosing courses in commerce with maths following your 12th-grade education is crucial for a secure job.

Undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs focused on professions with math beyond high school are widely available at universities and colleges. Therefore, this post have covered all the pertinent information so you may learn how to advance your career in business and what other elements there are to consider.

A whole sheet of relevant material awaits you, and numerous job-oriented prospects are available after the 12th commerce.

List of Top 10 Best Courses After 12th Commerce With Maths:

  1. B.Com 
  2. Chartered Accountancy
  3. Law 
  4. Bachelor of Economics
  5. BBA 
  6. Company Secretary
  7. Certified Financial Planner
  8. Mass Communications and Journalism
  9. Bachelor of Management Studies
  10. Cost and Management Accounting 


You will learn the basics of commerce and relevant topics in this course. You can find profitable employment in commerce-related industries, such as banking, finance, management, and accounting.

You will study the fundamental ideas and practices of business, accounting, business management, marketing, finance, economics, and marketing.

As a student majoring in commerce with math, you can choose from math-related courses, including calculus, business statistics, and information systems.

Students who desire to work in finance and accounting should strongly consider earning a B.Com degree.


  • Profitable employment
  • Work in finance and accounting
  • Become a knowledgeable professional and specialist
  • Highly demanded course

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most sought-after job options among commerce students. A chartered accountant will handle enterprises and provide them with the necessary advice about tax management.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that finishing the course is not an easy task. The course is significantly more complex, and one must put much effort into succeeding.

You can begin by applying the ICAI’s CPT test. After passing the course, you must finish the C.A. intermediate course and the C.A. final test. The student should take the Chartered Accountancy Exam after finishing their final exam.


  • Course will take 3 years to 4 years to complete
  • Most sought-after career options
  • Most paid career choices in the field of commerce
  • Granted to accounting professionals 
  • High demanding course


Learning mathematics aids in the development of strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. These abilities can aid in your legal education. Studying law is one of the most preferred job paths for mathematical students in the business world.

A law degree will cover all legal topics and their application to society. You will study professional ethics, legal aid, legal interpretation, family law, labor law, and the code of criminal procedure, among others.

Law graduates have a wide range of professional choices. Becoming a lawyer is the most popular career choice. You will represent clients in criminal and civil cases as a lawyer.

Working as a legal advisor for an organization is another typical job path for law graduates. To handle specific issues and reduce them, businesses need legal counsel.


  • Most preferred job
  • Wide range of professional choices
  • Help to solve specific problems and mitigate them
  • Start own practice
  • 5 years course

Bachelor of Economics

Numerous universities provide the three-year Bachelor of Economics undergraduate degree in economics. The BE degree is meant to give students a solid foundation in economic theories and practices.

The degree includes various economic subjects, including econometrics, financial history, macroeconomics, and microeconomics. Students with a BE degree will be prepared to work in finance, economics, and other related fields.

After completing your 12th year of commerce, one of the top professional choices is earning this degree.


  • Course Admission Process Based on Merit and Entrance Exams
  • Students who completed Class 12th with a 50% mark are eligible
  • Course Duration is 3 years
  • Plenty of job opportunities
  • Top profession choices


A BBA degree can be pursued if you are interested in corporate leadership positions. You could study management and related topics as a result.

It is among the top math-infused business courses. A three-year BBA program will assist you in laying a solid basis for management abilities. You will better comprehend the course’s advanced topics if you have a foundation in mathematics.

Among the most sought-after positions for BBA graduates are market research analyst, marketing executive, management trainee, and business development executive, among others.

If you are a commerce student with maths, you can pursue an MBA in finance to land lucrative jobs in the financial industry.


  • Numerous employment choices
  • A solid basis for management abilities
  • Course duration is 3 years
  • Highly paid jobs
  • op math-infused business courses

Company Secretary 

In contrast to CA, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India oversees the company secretary course. This course would be preferred by business students who like legal theory classes.

Similar to the CA course, there are levels in the CS professional program that must be passed before moving on to the next. In this course, students can learn about business contracts and legal proposals.

You will eventually use it to advance to high positions in corporations and significant businesses. This course consists of three modules.

Students who pass it will be given a certificate allowing them to apply for the position of company secretary.


  • Involves various levels
  • Great career option
  • Learn about business contracts and legal proposals
  • Legal theory classes
  • High positions in corporations and significant businesses

Certified Financial Planner 

The Financial Planning Standards Board of India oversees and administers the Certified Financial Planner program. Students interested in learning about wealth management, mutual funds, insurance planning, and personal finance should take this course.

One of the best career paths that commerce with maths benefits from is this one. There are numerous excellent job choices for students who have earned their CFP degree.

Students need to learn more about the many math-related business programs. You can work for a firm or provide your skills to wealthy and affluent individuals.

You have a lot of chances to succeed in any case. CFP manages every financial aspect of businesses and individuals, from tax preparation to retirement planning.


  • Best career options in Commerce with maths
  • Manages every financial aspect of businesses
  • Numerous excellent job choices
  • Highly paid jobs
  • Upgrade your financial knowledge

Mass Communications and Journalism

Mass communication and journalism are completely distinct professional paths from those previously described. Following a 12th-grade commerce education, most employment choices are in the financial and commercial sectors.

Students who want to work in media companies and associated content generation and distribution industries should take this course. The three-year program lets you learn skills and explore career choices in media, public relations, corporate communication, event management, and other related industries.

Since digital marketing has advanced significantly, one can work for a TV channel, a new publication, or an internet portal. Students that studied journalism and mass communication have several excellent prospects.


  • Three-year course
  • Job opportunities in media
  • Several excellent prospects
  • 12th completed students can take this course
  • Majority of employment choices in the financial and commercial sectors

Bachelor of Management Studies

The Bachelor of Management Studies is intended for undergraduate students who want to learn more about management. This three-year program combines both practical and academic instruction.

Business management, human resource management, and economics are all taught to BMS graduates. The course is currently receiving a lot of attention, and after completing it, students are expected to be prepared for the workplace.

Students who have earned a B.M.S. have a wide range of career options in both government and private sectors. This three-year program is an option for aspirants who want to work in the management industry.


  • Wide range of information on several subjects
  • Good career options
  • Three-year course
  • Learn more about management
  • Reasonable packaging salary

Cost and Management Accounting 

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India offers this CMA certification, which covers a business’s cost management, budgeting, performance evaluation, and asset management.

Cost and management accountants collaborate with business executives to create strategies, financial plans, and reports for regulatory bodies, including tax and credit agencies.

The three levels of CMA comprises are Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. To complete this professional training, you must pass 20 separate exams.

You can work as a cost accountant in related professions like financial consulting and auditing. As a cost accountant, you can advance on the corporate ladder by holding jobs in the financial sector, including finance director, financial controller, and cost controller.


  • Comprises three levels
  • Pass 20 separate exams
  • Cost accountant
  • Financial consulting and auditing
  • Covers the topics of accounting and budgeting

Final Words

It might take time to choose the proper career. Educating yourself on several career alternatives before choosing based on your interests is vital. Always choose a career that aligns with your interests and principles.


Is commerce with math important for CA?

If you wish to take the CA, taking commerce with math in 11th and 12th grade is advised and advantageous. At all levels of the CA course, having a foundation in mathematics is extremely helpful.  

What is the scope of commerce with maths?

Math has endless applications in business. You can apply to the best schools and universities for courses besides the conventional ones.

Is commerce with maths the right option?

With maths, there are several employment options in commerce. Investment banking, actuarial science, data analysis, cost accounting, company secretary, and research analyst are a few of them.