It is common for most of the students to get confused about the career that they want to pursue after 12th class. Some of the students seek their parents and relatives help in choosing the career while some others search on internet to know about the best options that are available out there. It is important to do through research to understand the market out there before you plan your career. You should have a keen understanding of the types of courses present in the market, their job opportunities and then you should proceed with one of them. Here is a list of some of the best courses that one can opt for after they pass 12th class in the stream of Commerce and maths.


Most of the people’s first suggestion for commerce students is to go for B.Com. B.Com is the acronym for Bachelor of Commerce and there are so many reasons for the popularity of this course. The first and most important reason is that this course is easy. One shouldn’t brainstorm all the time to get through this course. The course is simple and can be completed with a little bit of concentration and interest. Another reason for the popularity is the wide variety of opportunities that one have. There are so many intriguing options for the students after the completion of this course. It is a three year under graduation course.

Chartered Accountancy

Every business irrespective of their size and market needs a chartered accountant to handle their taxes. A chartered accountant will take care of the businesses completely and gives required suggestions for the businesses in the management of the taxes. There is explicit demand for C.As in the market. The most important thing that one must remember is it is not a cakewalk to complete the course. The course is way harder and one has to work very hard to get the results. You can start off by applying to an exam named CPT which is conducted by ICAI. After clearing the course, you should complete the C.A inter course and then C.A final exam. After the completion of final exam, the student should take Chartered accountancy test.


There was an age where only graduate students are allowed to pursue law but with the new regulations, even the people who passed their 12th class in commerce stream are also allowed to pursue L.L.B. In order to become a lawyer, the student hast to opt for integrated courses that last for 5 years. These courses are a combination of both degree course and L.L.B. There are so many job opportunities in the market that are waiting for the lawyers. You can start up working at a law firm or start own practice too.

Bachelor of Economics

It is very easy for the commerce students to deal with the bachelor of economics. This is one of the easiest graduation courses present in the market. The course is for three years and after the completion of this course one may join in private or government sector. There are so many opportunities for the B. Economics students in the government department.


B.B.A is an acronym for Bachelor of Business Administration. The duration of this course is three years and after the completion of this course one may pursue M.B.A or go for job as per their interest. The private sector has so many options for the candidates who have completed their B.B.A than the government sector. There are so many big MNCs who recruit B.B.A candidates to deal with their finances, management and marketing departments.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Although this course seems a little out of context, students who have a desire to enter into the media can pursue this course. The journalism and mass communication is a three year course with so many great career opportunities. As the digital marketing developed a lot, one can work for an online new portal, a new paper or for a TV channel. There are great opportunities for the students who have pursued Journalism and Mass communication.

Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Management Studies in short B.M.S is designed for undergraduate students to give them knowledge about management. This is a three year course involving both practical and theoretical learning. The course has acquired a great attention these days and the students are designed as industry ready after the completion of this course. A varied knowledge is provided for the students in different fields. There are so many opportunities for the students who have completed B.M.S. you can go for either private or government sectors.

Company Secretary Course

It is very important for any company to have a secretary to run it. In order to become a company secretary one has to complete the company secretary course. There are three programs in this course, after the completion of the three courses there will be an exam and the students who have passed the exam will be provided with a certificate making them eligible for the company secretary post.

Hospitality Diploma Course

There is no restriction that the student should complete their 12th class for pursuing hospitality diploma course. Students who passed 10th standard are also eligible. This is one of the most emerging courses these days. There are so many sectors where the hospitality graduates are important and this course provides industry ready skills for the students.

Certified Financial Planner

If you love managing finances and want to make a career in financial planning, then this Certified Financial Planner course offered by Financial Planning Standard Board of India is right for you. There are so many great career options for the students who have completed their graduation in CFP. You can opt for a company or provide your services for rich and elite people. Either way there are a lot of opportunities for you to succeed. From taxation to retirement planning, CFP handles every financial aspect of companies and individuals.