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People are the primary resource of any organisation or team.  It is people who plan, organise, make decisions, and conduct business. We use interpersonal skills all the time and have been developing them ever since we were born. Whether you’re getting to know someone, making a request, giving instructions, dealing with conflict…every interaction with another person requires some level of interpersonal skill. However, some people have better developed interpersonal skills than others.

Technology and tools can help people to work more productively but no group of people can achieve its objectives unless there is successful interaction between group members and with others in the group’s environment. When we talk about influence and persuasion, we often talk about marketing and sales. However, we influence in many ways and with great frequency. If you want a raise, sometimes you need to persuade your boss. If you want to convince your team to adopt a change, help your staff make choices, or choose the best place for lunch, there is often influencing taking place. This two day workshop will help participants learn how to better deal with all the facets of interpersonal relationships at work.

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