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Certificate in Leadership Effectiveness

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Course Overview

In today’s dynamic world, a real understanding of key leadership concepts and
practices is very essential for learning and development of the current and
future leaders. The Leaders of the Global Industry must possess the relevant
Leadership Skills for learning as well as survival in this competitive market.
This course will be a platform for self development of all leaders, policy makers
to become successful. Developing Leadership Skills and Learning goes beyond
traditional assessments of your qualities and application of those results. This
course will enable you to unshackle the traditional mindset and concepts of
leadership and will provide insight into new Leadership Concepts. Case studies
and practical experiences in this course will help you enhance you develop into
an effective leader.

Course Objectives

The goals of this module are to provide participants with a forum for exploring, discussing, and sharing concepts and best practices associated with effective leadership in today’s organizations, and for applying this knowledge to practical cases as well as to their own situation.

Course Contents

By the end of the module participants will be able to describe the differences between management and leadership as well as the different leadership types. Through the course and the associated activities, they will develop and/or improve their leadership skills and competencies.

The course is configured as a journey toward the concept of true leadership. On the theory side, we will start by discussing the importance of managing oneself, then the importance of emotions, the concept of incompleteness and finally that of true, or authentic leadership. On the practice side, we will reflect back on participants’ experiences, share practices (please DO NOT SAY “BEST PRACTICES” – more on that in class), and apply our understanding of good leadership to business cases.

The module relies heavily on business cases to apply the material discussed in class and to draw from participants’ experience – a very important learning component in this class. Participants will also have the possibility to link the material learned to their own experience in their organization.

Course Methodology

The course is heavily experiential. Space reserved to lecture will be very limited, and learning will happen mostly through class discussion and group work, as it is typical of advanced classes like this. As mentioned above, drawing from participant’s experiences will be a very important learning component in this class. Thus, my expectation is that all students will come to each class fully prepared to engage and be engaged. Participants are expected to contribute through comments, questions, and examples from their managerial experience. In addition to the readings to be done ahead of class, business cases and additional articles to spark conversation might be distributed in class. We will also use a mix of exercises, videos, cases, and/or role-plays to enrich our learning experience.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for professionals and practitioners from a wide range of spectrum from the leading domains of Business, Government, Academia and Society.


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