Students have fascinating lives that are full of obstacles. A single choice they make now will determine their career in the future and their route to success. After tenth grade, every student is thinking about the subjects they want to take for their entire education and career.

While math may be the most difficult subject in the world for some people, others may love it. Some students wait for their chance to pass the tenth grade and get rid of math. If you are looking for non-mathematics commerce courses after your tenth-grade education, you have a lot of options. You can select the Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths for a bright future by using the following tips.

List of Commerce Courses After 10th Without Maths:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce (B Com)
  2. BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  3. BMS – Bachelor of Management studies
  4. Bachelor of Hotel Management
  5. Retail management
  6. BA – Bachelor of Arts
  7. Bachelor of Event Management (BEM)
  8. Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

1. Bachelor of Commerce (B Com)

The Bachelor of commerce is the three-year undergraduate degree that offers the most employment opportunities. Almost every university offering Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths offers a bachelor’s degree in commerce, and many of them also have honors programs. 

Both students who have and haven’t studied mathematics after the tenth grade are eligible for the honors program. You can specialize in foreign commerce, retail management, banking, etc., with this course.

Among the topics covered in this course are foreign trade, banking and insurance, international business, taxes, logistics and operations, human resources, law, accounting and finance, and computer science and application. Math is not a requirement for B.Com programs. Masters or PG diplomas, MBAs, and M.Coms are a few PG specializations for this course.


  • Diverse specializations
  • Comprehensive knowledge
  • Abundant career paths
  • Math-free learning
  • Postgraduate avenues

2. BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

Numerous specializations, including accounting and marketing, are available for this course. BBA programs need three years of undergraduate study to complete, and they have international recognition. Learners who complete this course will have fundamental business and managerial abilities. This intense training will give you business, management, and administrative skills.

One of the most sought-after Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths is the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The BBA curriculum will prepare you for a variety of careers, including human resource management, consulting, and business analysis. Among the topics covered by the course are accounting, finance, business, HR management, operations, hospitality, retail, and computer application. It also teaches hospitality, international business, sports management, and event management. 

Following your undergraduate BBA degree, you can pursue graduate diploma programs or master’s degrees. MBAs are among the most sought-after degrees among recent BBA grads. You can enroll in PGDM and law programs as well, as you have a BBA.


  • Broad expertise
  • Fundamental business skills
  • Global Recognition
  • Specialized learning
  • Smooth progression

3. BMS – Bachelor of Management studies

This is one of the most sought-after Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths for students who want to major in commerce without math. Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in management studies (BMS) have a platform to deeply understand the field of management. The three-year BMS program focuses on management studies. Additionally, the course provides students with thorough training in managerial theory topics.

BMS is a general management program that offers students numerous opportunities to build a prosperous career. Additionally, it gives students the essential communication and job skills they need to investigate more advanced careers in their industry. This course would be highly beneficial to you if you would like to create a career in the management field.

A Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies (BMS) emerges as a top choice for students aspiring to major in commerce without delving deep into mathematics. This three-year program provides a comprehensive understanding of management principles and equips students with essential skills.

BMS not only delves into managerial theory but also hones vital communication and job skills necessary for diverse career opportunities.

Graduates find themselves well-prepared for managerial roles across industries after completing Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths. This makes it an invaluable choice for those seeking a successful career path in management without a mathematical background. 


  • In-depth management understanding
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Versatile career opportunities
  • Problem-solving proficiency
  • Industry-relevant curriculum

4. Bachelor of Hotel Management

For students looking to pursue one of the profitable career alternatives in commerce after their tenth-grade education, this is one of the Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths. A bachelor’s degree in hotel management equips graduates with the information and abilities necessary to launch satisfying careers in the industry. Numerous bright career options are available in this constantly evolving department.

Each student will complete this course with the skills and information needed to have a successful career. It would give the students practical skills in areas including management concepts, hotel economics, and food safety.

Hotel management offers diverse and lucrative career options, ensuring graduates can thrive in various professions. They can work in areas like hotel administration, event management, and tourism, making it an ideal choice for commerce enthusiasts looking to work without a dedicated background in mathematics.


  • Practical skill development
  • Diverse career options
  • Constantly evolving field
  • Hands-on learning
  • Global demand

5. Retail management

Retail management is for people who desire to pursue Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths. This course will teach you a great deal about many different topics in commerce without maths requirements. Your best expertise in marketing, sales, production, storage, and other areas will be gained through a retail management course. 

Students in these programs will learn how to work with retail companies. The following are some of the most popular courses in this area: MBA in retail management, BBA in retail management, and BA in retail management.

Retail management stands out as an ideal choice for individuals aspiring for a commerce career without a strong foundation in mathematics. This course provides a detailed understanding of various commerce aspects without the need for math prerequisites.

Students delve into marketing, sales, production, and storage intricacies, honing skills crucial for retail industry success. Whether pursuing an MBA, BBA, or BA in retail management, students acquire practical expertise, enabling them to thrive in retail companies.

With a focus on practical skills rather than mathematical complexities, this field empowers aspiring commerce professionals to excel in diverse roles, making it a highly beneficial and accessible career path.


  • Comprehensive commerce education
  • Practical expertise
  • Diverse roles
  • Flexible education paths
  • Accessible career paths

6. BA – Bachelor of Arts

Another significant one among Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths is the Bachelor of Arts course. You can choose from a variety of specializations with a BA, including those in journalism, political science, social science, history, and more. Depending on the university and the country you intend to study in, a bachelor’s degree in arts takes three to four years to complete. The popular BA programs you can choose are Bachelor of Arts in English literature, history, political science, geography, economics, and sociology.

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree offers a lucrative path for individuals seeking commerce careers without a strong mathematical background. With diverse specializations like journalism, political science, history, and social sciences, BA programs cater to varied interests.

This multidisciplinary approach hones critical thinking, research, and communication skills vital in commerce-related fields. BA graduates excel in roles requiring analytical abilities, creativity, and a nuanced understanding of societal dynamics.

These skills are invaluable in marketing, public relations, business communication, and more. This makes BA an enriching choice for those aspiring to flourishing commerce careers while skipping complex math prerequisites.


  • Multidisciplinary specializations
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative exploration
  • Nuanced understanding
  • Flexible career paths

7. Bachelor of Event Management (BEM)

Weddings, meetings, concerts, and corporate event management subjects are just a few of the topics in the curriculum of this course. It includes topics including public relations, marketing, and budgeting for events. Students who are interested in the hospitality and entertainment industries can consider BEM degrees since they educate them on how to handle events successfully.


  • Event planning expertise
  • Industry relevance
  • Hands-on training
  • Adaptability
  • Global opportunities

8. Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

People who are very interested in travel, tourism, and learning about other cultures should apply for this degree program. The planning of trips, marketing of the travel business, management of tourist destinations, and other topics are covered in this course. Due to the expansion of the tourist industry, tourism, and Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths present opportunities in the travel industry, tour business, hospitality, and allied industries.


  • Cultural exploration
  • Tourism industry expertise
  • Management of tourist destinations
  • Global career prospects
  • Hands-on experience

Final Thoughts

Commerce provides numerous interdisciplinary specialty courses for students after the tenth grade. From business studies to economics, students have a wide range of options for pursuing jobs. This article will help you in selecting a course in commerce without maths for your bright future.


What are the benefits of choosing a commerce stream after the 10th? 

Students have a wide range of career prospects after completing Commerce Courses After 10th without Maths. Commerce is necessary anywhere if you want to pursue a career in business or work for a multinational corporation. You can also take classes in the humanities, the law, and other fields if you decide to alter your field later.

Which are the top recruiters for the commerce students? 

Top multinational corporations and other businesses are hiring graduates in commerce. Nearly all businesses require students in commerce.

Is maths compulsory for the commerce courses after 10?

Students have a choice amongst the elective subjects in commerce without maths. They can select a commerce degree with or without math. If math is not your thing, there are plenty of other options you can select from, including IT, psychology, language, and others.