The life of students is full of challenges and arduous judgments. The one decision will decide their future employment and their path to success. If you have just cleared your 10th board and are contemplating which subject to choose for your comprehensive future and profession. Then help is with you in all the best possible ways according to your expectations set for your career. Many beginners find math the world’s most challenging subject, and they keep on waiting for when they will clear 10th and redeem themselves from mathematics. 

Thereupon 10th students have three options to choose for further two years. Commencing with a science stream, commerce, and arts, here are 3 in the queue. Students seek when they are privileged in studies that they are not forced to solve calculations and trigonometry of math. So if you are in exploration, which subject in commerce to elect does not speculate math in it. Then we are here to help in choosing Commerce courses after 10th without math

And for those who always wanted to be in a professional career or a business-oriented person, they will head towards commerce. Still, in the case of business, many students also wanted to get into a subject that does not have any maths calculations. Phobia of maths is more dangerous than Entomophobia. 

Before indulging in any of these streams, whether it is science, commerce, or arts, you should be very clear about the stream options and futures belongings to this subject. So on this enquiry; Beginning from what is commerce? We are here to introduce E-learning Educational App for Students that also includes courses after 10th without math

Fleeting introduction to the subordinate – Commerce

What is commerce meant to be? The stream which builds your knowledge in business studies and marketing activities is defined beyond commerce. Marketing teaches you knowledge of trading in goods from manufacturing till it’s marketing to the clients. Students choose commerce subjects if they have great passion related to economy, business studies, and statistics. A bit of interest and quality guidance for commerce students can build them as the most prestigious businessmen or women of the future. So the field of commerce is totally for the business-oriented mind.

Choosing commerce after 10th standard

The Commerce stream is regarded as a discipline in business and management to marketing and trading services. If you choose commerce for further studies, you have to study core and elective subjects. If you choose commerce without math, then you have options for elective subjects. These subjects don’t have any mathematics in them. 

  • IP ( Information practices)
  • Physiology
  • language studies
  • home science 
  • Physical pedagogy etc. 

List of core subjects prevail:

These are considered compulsory subjects in marketing along with elective ones.  

  • Accountancy
  • Business studies
  • Economic 

 Along with subject selection alternatives in commerce, future breadth of commerce is also consequently vital. For distancing a student’s burden of a fruitful career in the management field, here is a long list of the most accomplished jobs. Students can opt for any of these jobs after an eligible qualification degree. 

Career pathway for a student who is choosing commerce courses:

  • Company secretary
  • LLB
  • Competitive exam preparation like UPSC, Bank PO, SSC CGL, and many more. 
  • BA Economics 
  •  Bachelors of hotel management
  • Bachelors of hospitality.

Before stepping into 11th standard commerce, lend on future domains of commerce. After 12th boards which course to opt for a secure future and which will lead you earlier into an earning position. All this research for an upcoming subject is a must so that in outlook to advance life is apt in advance. 

Some of the most popular courses of commerce without math are

  • Hotel management
  • Tours and travels
  • Event management
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts
  • bachelors of foreign trade
  • bachelors in a foreign language
  • Bachelors of design
  • MBA

    Different streams after the 10th are divided to allow students to choose subjects as per their convenience and interest. Suppose you wanted to opt for commerce courses after 10th without math. In that case, we have a thoroughly researched list of theoretically established subjects and include facts but not a mathematical calculation. So here is the demise of your anxiety regarding the subject without maths, have a look at the accounted lists of courses. 

Choice of subjects after 10th has to be of high explicitness, as upcoming time will only be dependent on today’s students’ choice. So if you want commerce courses after 10th without math, then the mentioned list in the article will help you choose wisely a career and with the most convenient subjects of your propensity.