The science stream is a captivating and fascinating choice that opens a world of potential for students to discover various aspects of the undiscovered surfaces of life. The discipline includes the physical and the living world and emphasizes its distinctions and functioning. In this Science field, you have a lot of courses among that you can choose the one which gives the best carrier opportunities. However, after 12th Science, based on your score you can choose a course you like and in that you need to have the skills and interests. PCB, as a group, presents various fields to select. These fields require demanding work as you have to qualify for demanding examinations like NEET to pursue most of the courses after the 12th PCB. Here you can see some biology oriented courses after 2nd PUC:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Learners who desire to become a doctor after finishing their 12th board with the analysis of PCB Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. MBBS is an undergraduate course necessary to become a doctor in specialized fields. Selecting a profession to become a doctor is a prominent and positively reputable job among the rest of the career options in terms of Science. The proclamations of the MBBS contain anatomy, pathology, surgery, etc. Students require carrying a Medical degree to become a Doctor of any specializations. To become a doctor, the students must clear the NEET Entrance Exam. Based on the scores in the NEET examination, the MBBS student has become a specialist in Cardiology, Nephrology, Gynecology, Organ Transplant, Endocrine, and General Surgery, etc. 

BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) 

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is also a degree in the medical field. This is a second undergoing work in phrases of Medical Sciences. As you know, India is a residence to Ayurveda and Vedic sciences. The study duration in this field teaches modern and traditional medicines and ways of surgery. It traces and gives you a journey of the history of Indian Ayurvedic sciences. Once after completing the BAMS study, you can open own clinic or ayurvedic medical centre as related to a regular doctor’s clinic.

BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery) 

This degree of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery is for those passionate about creating their corresponding career in Homeopathy medicines. This course of investigation is performed with the proficiency for students to become licensed homoeopathy doctors with the practical knowledge connected to alternative medicines with the natural healing related to the human body’s allopathic power. 

 B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) 

Bachelor of Science is a three-year standard degree program accomplished after the 12th board. This undergraduate study is only done when a student has finished Science with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects. The B.Sc is a reputed degree that explains the core subject of selected science specializations, and this degree is presented by many of the top universities or institutes. The professions of B.Sc include Botany, Zoology, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Chemistry, etc. 

BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 

This is one of the best courses after the MBBS degree in the globe of the Medical field and the bachelor of Dental Surgery, shortly known as BDS. The course teaches the study of nitty-gritty minor surgeries and treatments connected to the dental and oral parts of the mouth. This is one of the degrees if a student desires to become a Dentist for those they need to pursue this course of study. It is valued to the MBBS degree and possesses the greeting of the doctor domain. 

Pharmacy (Bachelor in Pharmacy) 

After they complete the 12th standard in Pharmaceutical Sciences, the students looking for careers must follow the standard Bachelor degree in Pharmacy. The course studies the conceptions connected to, Discovery, Drug Safety, Medical Chemistry, Medical Plants, Drug Usage, etc. This course role with the Pharmacy and medicines will teach the responsibility of a pharmacist. 

BPT (Bachelors of Physiotherapy)

After completing 12th with PCB subjects, you can choose the bachelor of Physiotherapy is a four-year undergraduate program. The course teaches the study of the body’s physical movement and channelizes the debility and disease movement. In this course, a student obtains to go for 6-8 months of training in several areas such as hospitals, Health, Fitness Centers, Institutes, etc. The course guides a student to evolve Chief Physiotherapist. 

BSc Forensic Sciences 

Forensic Science is an occupation that implicates the career of scientific knowledge at investigating crime scenes. The study of BSc forensic sciences trains you to analyze the evidence found at the crime time. The analysis detentions the study of Crime scenes, soil, bloodstains, body fluids, saliva, DNA proofing, bones, recovering data from mobile, computer, other resources, etc. Forensic experts must examine all the reports in their respective authorized laboratories to find the result for solving the case and hanging the criminals. 

Bachelor of Viticulture

It is a unique and innovative course after 12th PCB, and the Bachelor of Viticulture is an excellent option for those exploring degree courses apart from conventional programs. It incorporates the elements of Chemistry, Biology, and Agriculture to impart knowledge in Fermentation Technology, Wine Quality Management, Microbiology, Plant Science, Agricultural Genetics, Winemaking, etc. For completing this course, you need four years.

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Another famous comment in the list of courses behind 12th PCB is the bachelor of occupational therapy. This course duration contains 3-4 years. This undergraduate degree aims to prepare you with the skills to help those suffering from a debilitating physical or mental disorder become self-sufficient. With the world realizing the significance of mental health, this degree also incorporates theoretical and practical knowledge required to treat mental deficiencies. 

BSc Marine Biology

It is also a unique and emerging field, and Marine Biology is one of the eminent courses after 12th PCB you can pursue. Generally, it is offered as BSc marine engineering or as a specialization field in Environmental and Computer Science. You will study Oceanography, Botany, Zoology, Biology of Marine Organisms, Marine Geology, etc. If you studied MPC subjects and biology, you could also consider pursuing marine engineering.

BSc Biophysics

For those of you who need to follow a path that covers the elements of both Physics and Biology, BSc Biophysics is an excellent option to consider. It encouraged more towards the analysis side, and you will obtain to study subjects like Electricity and Magnetism, Medical Biophysics, Physiochemical Technique, modern physics, Molecular Biology, etc. Concerning the concepts of Physics in Biological processes, this subject is attainable as biophysics/ba/bsc/bs. 

Agriculture and Food Sciences

When it arrives at the studies after 12th PCB, Agriculture and Food Sciences is an area that is less explored and, however, it offers excellent career opportunities across sectors such as Nutrition and Food Sciences, Agribusiness, Animal Science, Viticulture and Oenology, Horticulture Science, etc. These are some of the domains that you can specialize in, and generally, these courses are offered as diplomas, BSc or Bachelor degrees.

BSc Micro-biology

In this, you learn about microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses. The microorganisms encounter humans, animals, plants, and other organisms in the ecosystem. Microbiologists study and research how various microorganisms stimulus their lives. It is split into subfields such as virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, etc.

BSc Botany

It is a well-established subdivision of biology that studies plants, their structure, cycles, and growths, among other things. Botanists execute testing and compliance to determine new species, study plant connections with diverse organisms in their habitat, plant genetic development, and so on.

BSc Bioinformatics

This professional course contains a combination of biology, computer science, and information technology—professionals in this area form and present methods and techniques for analyzing biological data. Bioinformatics experts might create tools for obtaining and analyzing data from biomedical and pharmaceutical studies.

BSc Zoology

This magnetic discipline is involved with the study of the animal kingdom. Zoologists study the structure, life cycles, evolution, physiology, selection, and relationships of different organisms by studying them in their natural environments and laboratories.

BSc Environmental Science

BSc Environmental Science is an important field in today’s society, including investigating the physical, chemical, and biological elements of the environment and their interactions. Environmental scientists analyze environmental topics such as global warming, ozone loss, waste disposal, water emissions, and so forth, and how to address these issues.

Environmental Scientists are utilized for research and other works by diverse companies, including mining, water-treatment facilities, fertilizer plants, etc.

BSc Biochemistry

It is a branch of research concerned with investigating chemical processes and compounds within living organisms. It is a laboratory-based science that combines biology and chemistry, as biochemists tackle physical harms using chemistry principles.

BSc Physiology

It studies living organisms’ bodily functions, behaviours, and mechanisms, especially humans. Physiologists normally research tissues, anatomy, cells, biological compounds, and muscles and how they interconnect and collaborate to preserve the body running.

Bottom line

Finally, these are some biological courses related to human Science among that you can choose the one which you like and you can also choose this course after completing your 2nd public examinations.