Why do you need an MBA? This question has probably crossed your mind as you browse hundreds of MBA programs. In our modern competitive world, college and university graduates must walk that extra mile to make themselves more desirable in today’s job market. An MBA program polishes their skills and tempts employers to consider them for their lucrative and rewarding job opportunities.

Why Should You Look for an MBA Program Today?

It takes a lot to succeed in your career. Planning for a better future means that you should be willing to work and study hard so you can stand out. Before you think about the best MBA program in the US, you should understand what enrolling for one can do for you.

  • Getting this degree will immediately have a positive impact on your self-confidence. This will reflect on all your actions and reactions during any job interview or professional meeting.
  • People who hold postgraduate degrees like an MBA are perceived as being more credible in their industries.
  • Most of the skills that you learn in a program can be applied in any industry or sector. This is one of the most versatile degrees that will benefit you in the short and long run, regardless of your job title.
  • It promotes strategic and critical thinking that won’t only affect your professional life, but can also be used in your personal life.
  • This program teaches you self-discipline and better time management.
  • You’ll be able to build a good network with other people who work in the same industry or other related sectors. These connections will definitely come in handy.
  • After gaining an MBA degree, you’ll become more open-minded and have a broader view of different aspects of life.

After getting your degree, you’ll be good to go. All you need is to contact dragon resumes and hire an expert to write you a professional resume that highlights your achievements and experience. If you’re considering getting a postgraduate degree, then you shouldn’t think twice. An MBA program is the right step to take.

Best MBA Programs in the US in 2019

Luckily, there are lots of options available for people who are looking for an MBA program in the US. These programs are ranked based on employment, diversity, thought leadership, return on investment, entrepreneurship, and alumni outcomes. The US is home to some of the most recognized and desired international programs that are sought after by American and international students. The names on our list are highly desirable, so you want to take a look at them if you’re thinking about improving your future career chances.


Stanford’s MBA program is one of the top-ranking ones across the globe. This 24-month course doesn’t come cheap, but it offers amazing entrepreneurship opportunities to students of all nationalities. It’s a diverse program with a premium location close to Silicon Valley, so it’s no wonder that the majority of graduates would immediately start working on their startups and private business ventures right after graduation. 

If you choose to join this program, you can rest assured that you won’t stay unemployed for long. Graduates usually get employed within three months after completing this course, with an expected salary increase for up to 79%.


Known as a home to the most prestigious undergraduate programs, Harvard Business School offers one of the largest MBA programs in terms of class size. More than 30% of the enrolled students aren’t American, probably because they understand how this certificate can change their future lives.

Harvard’s case method is globally recognized as this school writes more than 80% of other business school cases. Students will be working on an average of 500 cases over this 24-month course so they can fully understand all basics of business management. This program enhances the individual as well as teamwork skills.


This program at Wharton School lasts 21 months but is rather expensive. However, it’s a great attraction for international students as graduates look at an average of 58% salary boost after completing this program.

It offers students a chance to complete one period of study in their partner school in France or Singapore, which is an excellent opportunity for graduates who are looking for a unique cultural experience. Joining this program might be what you need if you’re seeking a job overseas.


MIT’s Sloan School of Management offers a 24-month program that achieved a perfect score in thought leadership, making it one of the best programs in the US. Bigger emphasis is put on analytics and data science to cater to the needs of today’s changing job market. It qualifies graduates to compete in areas that weren’t available before.

The knowledge obtained is applied in several industries, including finance, operations, marketing, healthcare, and more. Students also have the opportunity to discover more about the innovations taking place on campus during the MIT Lab seminar. It’s an eye-opening experience that teaches graduates about the newest innovations in the field of technology.


This MBA program is designed by Booth School of Business, part of Chicago University and scores highly for employment, rate so it’s an excellent choice for those who want to immediately start on their career journey. It lasts 21 months and trains students to work according to the latest models of business management.

Students love this program because it’s rather flexible. There’s one compulsory course, but students are free to add or delete courses based on their personal needs and career aspirations. There are 13 options available, making it one of the most flexible and accordingly desirable courses in the US. Graduates are expected to enjoy a salary boost of 72% after successfully completing this program.

Before choosing an MBA course, do all the necessary research. Think about what you want from a program and pick one that caters to your personal needs. Don’t be afraid to take your chances even if you think that you don’t fit the profile of the school’s graduates. You might be bringing in that special ingredient to the mix.