By the literal definition of it, Art is something which is created, it is a human expression that is influenced by human perception of things in the universe. A popular perception that students who are weak in science only opts for fine arts is a myth that could be easily busted. Fine arts courses are as equally important as science courses. Here is a list of fine arts courses for students who wish to opt for them after 12th.

1)  B.A in English Literature

Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature is a 3 year undergraduate program which helps the students who have aptitude for literature and aspires to become proficient in the literary field. The eligibility for this course is at least 50% marks in higher secondary examination. In colleges, the admission process is more direct, merit based, or fee based whereas in reputed universities, the admission process does include cracking entrance examinations and personal interviews. This course is available in many universities and varies from one university to another. The course is packed with syllabus dividing it into six semesters, where semester wise exams happen. Some universities allow students to choose other subjects along with the literature course like, journalism or political science as secondary subjects. This gives students an idea in those sectors too, thereby helping the student to opt for numerous options after successfully graduating and not limiting their options as a person who is exclusively literature based. The course is not simple as one thinks it is, it includes prose, poetry, philosophy and so much more. Literature courses help students to form an opinion about anything which may seem trivial to others and includes theories and philosophies from different great social thinkers. These theories and philosophies do come in handy when analyzing a certain matter or an aspect in day to day life.

2)  Journalism and Mass communication

This is a 3 year undergraduate course of 6 semesters. The eligibility for this course is at least 50% marks for higher secondary examination. This course is tailor made for students who have the passion and zealous attitude towards journalism and mass media. As the internet and various mass media are expanding its wings in this era, this course certainly helps the students to have an extensive knowledge about the basics of journalism and mass media. Successful graduates are hired as content writer, columnist, editor, journalist, TV show hosts, fashion photographers, RJ, VJ, freelance writers, copy writers in newspaper departments, fashion industries, magazines, Journals, blogs, radio telecasting companies and press. The course is aptly suited for individuals who have a liking for investigating and reporting what is happening around the world. They have this big advantage of reaching out to millions of audiences with their words in any matter and as a democratic country it serves a really important purpose.

3)  Hotel Management

This course deals with the study of hospitality management. The minimum qualification for the course is higher secondary marks. Certificate, diploma and degree courses are available for hotel management courses and one can select accordingly. Students will have a detailed understanding of food and beverage management, communication skills, organizational behavior, tourism and strategy skills etc. Hotel management courses are becoming more and more packed because of the sudden mushrooming in hotels and restaurants. The course helps in getting various job offers in reputed institutions. As there is a surge in the number of hotels and restaurants, the demand for this curse is increased.

4)  Event Management courses

This course requires individuals who are good at conceptualizing, planning and organizing events for potential customers. This event could differ from an award show to a political rally or wedding. This course mainly requires planning and grabbing attention from the audience. The individuals are supposed to have good communication, keen observation skills, general awareness, and execution skills, they should also be aware of the target audience and should correctly choose the theme for the event. This field is an extremely creative field and therefore competition is too high. In order for the company or the individual to stand out, a good amount of creativity, team work, leadership skills, planning and execution is required. Event management courses are given by a lot of colleges under mass communication courses. The UG level course requires a time period of three years whereas the PG course is for two years.

5)  Fashion Designing courses

This course is highly recommended for people who are artistic in nature. The course offers a huge exposure for individuals who have an aptitude for the fashion industry. Fashion management is often considered great among other famous fine arts courses because the fashion industry is growing day by day. The course helps individuals to have a plethora of options like making clothes to introducing their own fashion line for business. The skills required for this course is basically artistic ability like drawing, sketching, visual imagination power and creativity. The course could include subjects like history of fashion, current trends, patterns and clothes, sketching and illustration, apparel development etc.