Dubai is steadily improving its standing as a regional center for education. People from other parts of the world and the larger Arab region comes to pursue their instruction because of its broad network of national and international academic institutions. Students can choose from various degrees, with engineering being one of the most popular choices. These universities offer a wide range of technical studies and research areas with the highest standards and all the technological resources needed to develop the upcoming generation of engineers. Here you can see the best engineering college in UAE:

University of Sharjah

The American University of Sharjah is a private institution in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, that was founded in 1997. It is a young institution that offers liberal arts education in the Gulf region in the American model. With its four schools and colleges of Architecture, Art and Design, Engineering, Business Administration, and Arts and Sciences, the American University of Sharjah offers more than 70 majors and minors, 16 graduate degrees, and three Ph.D. programs.

Despite its youth, the university has earned the respect of some of the most prestigious ranking organizations worldwide. For the past six years, the American University of Sharjah has ranked in the top 10 universities in the Arab world. To position, the University of Sharjah as a hub for science and technology research and innovation in the United Arab Emirates and the region, the Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering was founded in September 2014.


  • Laboratory with Advanced Material Research ​
  • Facility with High-Performance Computing
  • 100% placements offered for the students

Khalifa University of science and technology

The top-ranked Khalifa University of Science and Technology is the UAE’s only university with academic and research programs. Students from the UAE and worldwide benefit from an unmatched educational experience due to its top-notch instructors and cutting-edge research facilities. The institution unites the brightest minds in science, engineering, and medicine from the United Arab Emirates to offer specialized degrees that can lead bright high school graduates to highly regarded Ph.D. holders.

Nowadays, more than 2200 undergraduate students, 400 graduate students, 130 researchers and employees, and 200 faculty members are enrolled in the College of Engineering. The teachers and researchers lead the charge in developing new knowledge essential to social sustainability. The College of Engineering catalyzes economic growth in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, and the rest of the globe. It is through creating and distributing knowledge and a committed partnership with industry and stakeholders.


  • Aid in developing your career both during and after college.
  • To prepare students with knowledge and skills as per the current market demands
  • Offers education programs with advanced technology and artificial intelligence.

United Arab Emirates University

The first comprehensive national university in the United Arab Emirates was founded in 1976 and is known as United Arab Emirates University. There are currently 1,175 graduates and 12,502 undergraduates at the university. Almost 75 different nations are represented by the approximately 16% of international students attending this institute. It is a university with a strong emphasis on research. It offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and education, engineering, humanities and social sciences, education, science, IT, law, etc. According to the QS ranking of the world’s top universities, United Arab Emirates University is placed in the top 300 universities worldwide and fifth in the Arab world.

Architectural engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, communication engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and petroleum engineering are among the seven Bachelor’s degrees offered by the College of Engineering, established in 1980. All of the Bachelor’s degree programs in engineering, as well as water resources, material science, and engineering, and an interdisciplinary master’s degree in engineering management are also offered by the engineering departments. Students will complete their coursework at the brand-new, state-of-the-art university campus with top-notch facilities and labs. UAEU has now positioned itself as a premier provider of engineering programs due to these additional facilities.


  • The university offers excellent prospects for job searching.
  • Offers overseas undergraduates full and partial tuition subsidies.
  • Offers a wide range of scholarships to the international students

Abu Dhabi University  

One of the most prominent private colleges in the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi University. It is ranked in the top 2.8% of all universities worldwide. They are a private, multi-campus institution offering a stimulating learning atmosphere, high-quality instruction, and well-regarded credentials worldwide. The university is dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive education with 50 undergraduate and graduate programs spread across the faculties of arts, law, education, business and management, engineering, and sciences.

The College of Engineering has obtained international accreditation from the famous ABET for many of its engineering programs. They also offer 9 undergraduate and 8 graduate programs in engineering and technology, including mechanical, chemical, and civil engineering, information technology, electrical and computer engineering, engineering management, project management, aviation, architecture, and interior design. The goal at the College of Engineering is to become a national leader in creating innovative concepts for technical and engineering education and developing research and innovation. The community of students, professors, alumni, and business and academic partners is strong and resourceful.


  • International universities and research institutions collaborate with highly skilled teachers and researchers.
  • All programs are created with industry and worldwide professional engineering standards.
  • Providing placements in the top companies

Amity University

One of the most well-known universities in Dubai is Amity University Dubai. Amity Dubai is the only university to obtain the coveted Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award, the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award. This university has the top-notch facilities to make the students comfortable.

The courses available at Amity University Dubai are distinctive, extensive, specifically designed to meet the needs of the student body and the business community, and career-oriented. The university’s mandatory summer internship program enables students to build their resumes and prepare for impending professional difficulties. On campus, professionals frequently engage with students and discuss their professional experiences.


  • complete placement support is offered
  • There are foreign professors there to instruct the students.

Birla institute of technology and science

BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus was founded in 2000. High-quality engineering and technology education are available at Dubai’s vibrant, multinational campus. The campus of BITS Pilani in Dubai has excellent academic infrastructure. The faculty at the Dubai campus is highly qualified and experienced and committed to helping the students realize their aspirations and mentoring. They also makes lot of effort to enhance the students as the best technocrats, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, and responsible global citizens.

More than 23,000 books, project reports, international journals, back volumes, and CD-Roms on key fields are all available in this library. J-STOR electronic journals, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, ACM Digital Library, ASME Digital Collection, EBSCO Engineering Source, EBSCO Humanities International, and other resources are accessible through the library. Engineering programs focus on mathematics and hard sciences, including various cutting-edge synthesis and analytical tools. These degree programs typically last four years, including the Practice School and Seminar options.


  • Faculty members are available to help students with their concerns regarding their academic and professional lives.
  • Provides the placement for all the students

University of Birmingham

This university has an extended campus in Dubai. The university’s main campus is situated inside the Dubai International Academic City, and a brand-new campus with cutting-edge facilities is scheduled to start accepting students in September 2021. There are almost 4,000 students enrolled at the institution. The institution is home to students from 150 different nations.

The University of Birmingham Dubai offers students about 50 undergraduate and graduate degrees in law, business, computer science, mechanical engineering, psychology, and education. The university’s teaching excellence has received official recognition with the Gold in Teaching Excellence Foundation award. Employers place a high value on university graduates; the institution is listed in the Global 100 for graduate job outcomes.


  • Gives its students a variety of scholarships.
  • Because of the university’s reputation abroad, graduates are hired by prestigious businesses.
  • Faculties are available to help the students at any time

Middlesex University

The Middlesex University in Dubai’s academic atmosphere is distinguished by its demanding undergraduate and graduate programs, cutting-edge research, grants, and opportunities for professional practice. A face-to-face LLB degree is offered there for the first time by any institution worldwide.

Students can join various extracurricular organizations and sports teams at Middlesex University. Sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket, and martial arts are included, as well as organizations like the dance, book, photography, ink, and badminton groups. Middlesex University’s Student Journal welcomes contributions from and employment opportunities for interested students. Many students from the international countries are enrolled in the engineering course. They provide the best teaching with good placements.


  • Offers a program that helps to fill the gap between high school and colleges
  • Having highly qualified faculties
  • Offers many on campus placements for the students

Bottom line

Several colleges in the United Arab Emirates specialize in engineering education. International students have many options to obtain an engineering degree, including at the American Universities of Sharjah and Dubai. Finding the best engineering colleges in the UAE is simple, with the correct information and tools.