Singapore is a multicultural Utopia and as such, you are likely to interact with people from all cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. But like is the case with any country, learning about the culture and common practices of its people depends on how fast you can master its popular languages. In this post, we shall look at some of the most creative ways to learn a new language in Singapore.

Home Tutor in Singapore

Being tutored in a foreign language is best done at home. Since the full attention of the tutor is focused on the student, there is no fear of being left behind in terms of learning. Lecture-based learning can be inefficient at times, with new concepts being taught at a general rate without assessing the ability of the student. Every concept or word will be taught to the student at his or her own pace. The good news is, there are some websites which allow students to search for tutors at the comfort of their own homes.

Language Schools

Language schools offer a structured approach to learning with the use of textbooks and a strict syllabus. On the one hand, these schools offer an objective type of learning which is fit for those who work with goals and feel good upon their achievement, and they provide a space for students to collaborate and mingle with other like-minded people. On the other hand, some students may find the structure of the class unfit for their needs in the sense that they may prefer a more flexible approach to learning.

Online Platforms

Online platforms, like home tutoring, allow students to access the class material at their own pace. Since some people may find that attending a class does not fit into their schedule, language learning is as easily available online as any other information is. Plus, unlike boring lectures which offer little to no interaction between the student and the teacher, online learning, with its use of a digital platform, allows for a more interactive approach to learning with games and quizzes designed specifically to make learning an enjoyable process.


Some people prefer learning a language at a university for a unique set of reasons. A university level course offers a legitimate certification which will be deemed respectable anywhere in the world. Further, a university provides a unique kind of atmosphere which is not present elsewhere. Stepping into a university instills a person’s heart with the passion of learning, since everyone there is devoted to their studies. Great institutions like the National University of Singapore offer English language courses to students for a certain fee. If you’re already a student, then opting for a foreign language as an elective is a good idea.

Community Groups and Weekly Meetups

No better way to assess the proficiency of your language than to converse in it with people of the same proficiency level. While a professional course in any language will equip you with good reading and comprehension skills, joining a community group offers a place to freely converse in the language you’ve learnt. In addition to providing a space, community groups also offer a place you can fall back on. This means that you no longer have to be insecure about your fluency. There will be many like you who will be on the same boat. Plus, they’re absolutely free!

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