Currently, the latest solutions are utilized by people, local startup owners are compelled to create apps for their businesses. But again, the question must arise to them whether to develop applications using which platform, as they are built using numerous programming languages.

But the solutions created using specific programming languages are achieving a significant rise, people prefer more for utilizing them to fulfill their requirements. The developers working on those frameworks are in terrific demand. As a result, the number of learners of a particular programming language also increases due to its tremendous need generated.

The demand for NodeJS is considerably higher as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. Statistics reveal that NodeJS foundations push its platform to 3 million+ users, indicating its popularity for creating applications among programmers and entrepreneurs.

If you, too, as an entrepreneur, are willing to get a NodeJS platform ready for your business by appointing developers working on that framework. Then there are a few mistakes discussed that might occur during hiring them, and the categories of applications that can be possibly built by recruiting them are mentioned. You will gain much information about developing NodeJS solutions for your venture by considering the below sections.

4 Mistakes To Neglect When Appointing NodeJS Developers

It’s evident that as a human, you might make some mistakes while hiring NodeJS programmers to build solutions for your enterprise. But there are some blunders which you should be aware about are mentioned following. Such mistakes would possibly result in poor outcomes.

Failing to Analyze Portfolios of Programmers

Most business admins commit a common mistake of not checking the profiles and portfolios of developers carefully while hiring them, and it will result in the appointment of an inappropriate individual not capable of delivering a desirable NodeJS solution for their ventures. As an entrepreneur, you can analyze the portfolios of NodeJS programmers by keeping in mind the specific requirements for appointing them, along with performing certain actions that will assist you to avoid a mistake.

It includes knowing whether the information received by you is authentic or not and receiving the past reviews of developers from people with/for whom they have worked.

Skipping Testing Practices

Before hiring developers of NodeJS from a technology partner, as an entrepreneur, you require to know whether particular developers possess sufficient knowledge about NodeJS or not. It can be verified by conducting a technical test to examine knowledge of the NodeJS framework. It will assist in appointing such NodeJS programmers fit for your project, and delivering pleasing results.

Setting Improper Budgets

The most important thing to take care when recruiting NodeJS developers is to avoid setting a low budget for hiring them. Otherwise, you will end up getting a solution full of glitches and errors by hiring developers at a low cost.

In fact, a proper budget can be set by analyzing the costs to hire NodeJS programmers from renowned IT firms. It would assist you in setting an appropriate budget and appointing NodeJS developers with the potential of delivering applications meeting your business niches at reliable development costs.

Appointing Cheap Developers

Neglect running behind the cheap-priced NodeJS developers. Although hiring NodeJS programmers at reasonable rates is necessary, but not by compromising the quality of your application. Moreover, it would cost you higher in the long run due to the frequent maintenance charges for clearing issues or resolving an error popping inside a solution created so far. Hence, you should recruit experienced and little costly NodeJS programmers to avoid future maintenance costs.

You, as a startup owner, can go for hiring NodeJS developers from technology partners capable of providing you with an application ready to meet the venture’s requisites efficiently along with neglecting the missteps mentioned above. Now, you should also gain information regarding categories of applications that can be built using NodeJS for business by appointing programmers working on the particular JavaScript framework.

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Types of Solutions Built Using NodeJS

There can be indeed many different types of applications that can be built by hiring NodeJS programmers for your enterprise. Refer to each of them stated below:

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaborative solutions can be developed by appointing NodeJS developers. It is because of the event-based and non-synchronous architecture of the NodeJS framework is a base for the development of such platforms. The collaborative apps that can be built are audio and video conferencing tools, project management, and document editing. Many reputed companies have created their sharing tools and are earning a significant income through them. The companies like Slack and Trello are an example of it.


A Single Page Application is the category of app that displays a single web page and updates the content within the same page through JavaScript API. In short, an entire application can be accommodated on a Single Page. You, as a startup owner, can create your SPA(Single Page Application) using NodeJS by hiring programmers working on this framework. It is because NodeJS consists of a data-oriented approach that seems essentially helpful in constructing a backend part of SPA and managing the large-scale I/O operations efficiently along with asynchronous calls. Numerous ventures have turned into humongous brands by making their SPAs using the NodeJS framework. For example, Google Maps, Gmail, Netflix, etc.

Streaming Solutions

It is the procedure of downloading components of a solution without slowing down the user’s system or server. Such solutions can be developed by appointing NodeJS Developers because streaming applications consist of a data streaming process that can be performed efficiently through writable and readable stream interfaces of NodeJS. YouTube, Netflix, and many others are examples of streaming solutions. As an entrepreneur, you can build such streaming solutions by hiring NodeJS programmers.

Internet of Things(IoT)

IoT applications are also an option to be considered when looking for various types of solutions that can be created using NodeJS by appointing developers working on a particular framework. These solutions operate on almost every IoT device, and they can be created for any market sector. The NodeJS programmers can build such applications as the framework is capable to handle numerous concurrent events and requests incoming from various IoT gadgets on the internet. Solutions such as MongoDB, Oracle IoT fleet, etc., are samples of IoT applications.

Final Verdict

There is an intense need for making platforms using a NodeJS framework among entrepreneurs and programmers too. Because the solutions made by utilizing this programming language are achieving an instantaneous push in the market. So, if you are planning to appoint NodeJS developers, here are some mistakes to avoid while hiring them, and what kinds of solutions can be created are mentioned. Referring to all those sections will provide you gain information for building NodeJS applications from programmers of IT companies.